Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oat picture and a few hog details

Here are my steel cut oats this morning. It may look nasty, but it tastes awesome. Reminds me of blackberry cobbler or something. This runs me about 3 points. That would be 2 points for the oats and then 1 point for the fruit. The recipe is a few posts down. Also, someone asked me what I did with leftovers. I put them in containers and eat on it all week. They do great heated up in the microwave. I usually top it with a little water when I reheat though.

I'm gearing up for my hog weekend. I went to Wal-Mart last night and bought a few hog shirts. I think I'm going to go back tonight and buy another. They are just too cute. I'm a sucker for hog shirts and one thing I've learned, you must represent at the games. The hubs lets me buy whatever it is I want when it comes to hog gear. I gotta take advantange when I can! I'm just kidding of course, but I bought one hog shirt, 1 UCA (university of central arkansas (my alum)) and then also a Wampus Cat shirt. I'm a Conway Wampus Cat (high school) and I'm going to the game on Friday night and I needed a shirt. I'm in the process of making me one, but all necessary materials aren't here yet! :( I'll post it once I make it.

Thought I'd share a few hog pictures!
This is me in 2007. I really want to get back to this weight. I'm about 8-10 lbs away. I can make it!
Best Hog game EVER......AR vs. LSU 2007. What a game!

Okay, this weekend we're playing MO State. Surely it'll be a "rent to win" as the hubs calls it.

I may not make a post tomorrow due to my schedule. I'm getting ready for our company tailgate party and I'm only working till 11.

Monday though expect some pictures from the CATS game as well as the HOG game......WOOT, WOOT!

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TinaGirl said...

My grandparents always brought us back "Hog" shirts from Arkansas when they went to visit. Love it. and thanks for posting how you save your oatmeal. I think I'm going to have to do that!