Tuesday, September 29, 2009


So the husband and I are now proud owners of an IPhone. We finally made the switch to AT&T. Wow, why did we ever wait so long. We've been using Sprint for a while, but we often have bad cell service. We were going to switch last year and Sprint offered us a great deal. We opted to stay. So when my blackberry broke last week I had to scrounge around and use my old phone for a few days. It was miserable. I convinced the hubs that it was time. Of course ask me in a month when we receive the bill for cancelling at sprint and joining AT&T. It's gonna be bad!

Okay, so I downloaded the weight watcher app for my phone. Hopefully I can start journling on my phone as well. We shall see. I haven't officially journaled yet, but I did add it to my phone.

My next task is to find me some sort of case to carry it in. I already purchased a protective cover, but now I want a small pouch or bag to carry it in while inside my purse. I'm on a mission to find one of those tonight. I was hoping Vera Bradley makes a cute bag. Not sure though I can find the size I want. I want it minimal in size. I'll have to do some research on that some more.
Food is going okay. I need to buckle down a little. I rewarded myself a little over the weekend with a few too many indulgences. Last night I had a few french fries etc. Time to buckle back down. I weigh in tomorrow! EEK.


Angie P said...

congrats on the new phone, I'm green with envy! That WW appp should be very helpful

Brandi said...

I nominated you for a bloggy award! Go check it out!

dylan72986 said...
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