Thursday, September 17, 2009


So Tuesday night as you all know I went out for a short run of about 3 miles and then I walked 1 mile. When I got home Tuesday I was slightly sore, no big deal. I again was just relating it to the jumping back in the running again. Then yesterday at work I noticed that I wasn't sore anyplace else but on my right leg at the top near my groin area.

By the end of day yesterday I was limping.
I think I might of pulled my groin. I laughed yesterday with a boss because I told him I thought I had hurt myself. He asked me what I did and I told him I thought I had pulled my groin. I then proceeded to ask him if women can pull groins. So here me and the boss are talking about our pulled groins. WOW, what a weird conversation. He proceeded to tell me that when he ran track he pulled his groin often and that the recovery time can be sort of lengthy! Great!

So last night I stretched it and went to bed. This morning I woke up to minimal pain. I'm not sure if that is because I rested it all night or if maybe the injury isn't as severe as I thought. I'm not taking any chances though.
Will rest today and then think it over and decide on when I can really jump back in.

Someone left me a comment (I love comments by the way) about a list of fruit and veggies. Here is a list I did for my WW meeting back last month during the fruit/veggie month. It is basically just a quick reference guide:

Fruits/Veggies Quick Reference Guide

Apple (1 small): 1
Apricots (3 medium fresh): 1
Artichokes (1 cup): 1
Asparagus (12 spears or 1 cup): 0
Banana (1 medium): 2
Beets (1 cup): 0
Blackberries (1 cup): 1
Blueberries (1 cup): 1
Broccoli (1 cup): 0
Brussels Sprouts (1 cup): 0
Cabbage (1 cup): 0
Cantaloupe (1 cup): 1
Carrots (1 cup uncooked): 0 (1 cup cooked): 1
Cauliflower (1 cup): 0
Celery (1 cup):0
Cherries (1 cup): 1
Clementines (2 small): 1
Corn (1 cup) 2
Cranberries Fresh (1 ½ cups): 1
Cucumber (1 cup): 0
Edamame (1/2 cup): 2
Eggplant (1 cup): 0
Grapefruit (1 cup): 2
Grapes (1 cup): 1
Greens (1 cup): 0
Honeydew (1 cup): 1
Kiwi (1 large): 1
Lettuce (1 cup): 0
Mandarin Orange (1 large): 1
Mango (1 cup): 2
Mushrooms ( 1 cup): 0
Nectarine (1): 1
Okra (1 cup): 0
Pears (1 medium): 1
Pineapple (1 cup): 1
Plums (2 small): 1
Pumpkin (fresh 1 cup): 0
Radishes (1 cup): 0
Raspberries ( 1 ½ cups): 1
Sauerkraut (1 cup): 0
Spinach (1 cup): 0
Sprouts (1 cup): 0
Squash (1 cup): 0
Strawberries (1 ½ cup): 1
Tangerine (2 small): 1
Tomatoes (1 cup): 0
Turnips (1 cup): 0
Watermelon (1 cup): 1
Zucchini (1 cup): 0

Last night at our small group for church we talked about our service project. I can't wait to see what we decide on.
I'll keep you posted.


jham said...

Thank you for the list. A friend and I are planning on starting WW next week...Monday. Any advice for someone embarking on WW. I know you mentioned you are WW leader. I want to be successful. =)

Shiri Briseno said...

I'm new to your blog but I've already added it to the list of blog I read. I have been thinking of joining ww for some time, I too struggle with my ups and downs, my began after having three fantastic children, I love them dearly. I am starting now to take care of myself and getting into a body that fits what my insides feel like is the next step...good luck on your journey as well