Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A few new finds....

So I was down .4. That is really close to half a pound as my husband reminded me. I guess. I'll take it. I'll admit I ate more this week than I have in weeks past. I ate all my extra points as well as activity points so that makes sense. This week though, I'm only allowing myself the extra 35 and nothing else.

After my meeting I stopped by a place called Drug Emporium. I love that place. They carry lots of whole food stuff.

Last week I ran across this. It is 2 points for 2 cups and a deal at that. I love bargains:
(Excuse the carpet. I had to take a quick picture at work because I couldn't find this on google images).

Then I ran across this today. I wasn't planning on buying it because my luck with gluten free stuff hasn't been the best. I thought for $1.89 what the heck. Yes, they were cheap.

This was 2 points for 37 of the crisps. I had to try them. They were really good. This will make a great snack or a chip for dipping in goodies.

Tonight is church. Our small group is meeting again. We basically took the summer off. Looking forward to seeing my friends again. I was told to bring cookies so when I get off I'm rushing home to bake some cookies and then the hubs and I are running to Chick Fil A, (because it's by church and I can usually find a lower in points dinner), and then going to our small group. Shew....I'm busy thinking about it.

I've still been doing my half marathon walks....I never really talk about that anymore. I did 8 miles last week and this week I may do 9 or bump back down. Not sure. It'll depend on my time. The husband's been going with me the last few nights because the weather is awesome. I doubt he'll go the long distance, but he might be in for part of it.

Okay, I need to get back to work....

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TinaGirl said...

both look yummy. I'll have to keep an eye out for them. Thanks for the post! Football is coming up and I'm eager to hear about how the Razorbacks are doing.