Friday, September 25, 2009

Crazy Thursday!

Wow, yesterday was just a crazy day for me.

First of all our car is having trouble. Our 2004 Honda has 180,000+ miles on it and it seems to be having more and more troubles these days. Yesterday the husband and I just knew our Honda's life had just ended. Thank goodness it was fixable. It is paid off so we really want to enjoy that a little while longer!

Then I took half a day vacation to help my sister with 2 catering jobs. While helping, I dropped by phone! It isn't working!!!!!!
I had to call the cell phone company and get them to disconnect while in the mean time I had to dig around and find my old phone and charger! What a day. I was up till way too late last night trying hard to get that figured out.
I plan on going today to see if my phone can be fixed. We shall see. Hopefully so, if not, I may be stuck with my old phone till we decide what we plan on doing. We both want Iphones so this may be the time to do it. We've enjoyed the blackberry but we really want the other. It will require changing companies, but I'm okay with that.

Okay, today I'm headed to a cookout for work. One of our Wastewater Treatment Plants is having a grand opening for the new renovated facility so I'm off to cookout. Yes, I said cookout at a wastewater plant! Sounds disgusting doesn't it. We probably won't even be near the actual "area" but YUCK!
I work for civil engineers, hence the reason I'm even attending such a thing.

Okay, big weekend of absolutely nothing!!!
I'm planning on running in the AM and thats it. We'll watch the HOGS take on Alabama this weekend but thats about it. I love it....Sounds awesome just to say home. I really want to do some house cleaning and a little cooking.


April Lee said...

hope you have a easy weekend..

Angie P said...

sounds like one action packed day..enjoy your slow paced weekend!