Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Almost apple time...

It is raining like crazy in Arkansas. Has been since Monday. In fact, we passed at least 3 if not 4 wrecks on our drive in this morning. My husband and I commute in (45 min) everyday and yes, we carpool together. It works out good. The bad part is I work in downtown and he works out west. We make it work though. We've been doing this for over 4 years now and honestly, we maybe take 2 cars to work 1 a month! Can't complain about that.

Anyhow, back to my original post. It's been raining cats and dogs here. I woke up several times last night to rain. Not just mist rain, I mean buckets.

So last night in between the rain I got out and ran. Okay, I'm going to admit it, I'm SOOO SORE! My legs are killing me. I walking on Monday to help with soreness and that was good, but yesterday I really wanted to hit the pavement. It immediately started hurting. When I say hurting, the only thing bothering me is my legs, in fact it is the inside of my thighs that are feeling it the most.
When I started yesterday I about stopped, but it got better. I ran for about 30 minutes. It wasn't easy, but the humidity must of been 90%. YUCK! I was one sweaty mess when I got home.

I love apples in the fall. My favorite apple is Rome, but I'll eat any kind. The last few weeks I've been buying Golden Delicious. They haven't been up to par, but I've eaten them. Someone told me that when you have a high sodium meal to eat an apple afterwards and it helps with sodium. I have no idea if that's true or not, but I'm not opposed to trying it.
Anyhow, I'm ready for my Rome's to start popping up. Hopefully here in the next month or so they will.

My reason for discussing apples is: Last night I had a few golden delicious apples that were turning yucky. I had looked at them for days and thought I needed to eat those. They just didn't look appealing. So while cooking dinner last night, I had a bright idea to cut around the bad spots and chop it up. I then topped with brown sugar splenda and a little bit of smart balance. I then put it in the microwave and nuked for about 5 minutes. I decided to peal one of the apples, but leave the skin on the other. Oh my goodness that's all I have to say. I did allow myself only 1 serving though.
I figured it out to be about 2 pts for each serving.

Today I have my weekly weight watcher meeting I lead. Last week we started a new 10 week session and we had 4 men join. Will be interested to see how well they do.


Angie P said...

the apples sound great, I made ht okra yesterday and is was awesome, all dry and crunch. I didn't even share with my family...haha!

Hope todays meeting goes well!

Dawn said...

That looks delicious. J and I make a version of that sometimes but we add oatmeal so it is like an apple crisp. I am a FUJI apple fan. It is the only kind I will eat.

I heard it rained 8 inches in Mena. OMG!! It drizzled and rained lightly all day here. Very gloomy. we had taco soup for dinner. It was very fitting.

jham said...

im thinking about joining weight watchers. never done it so Im a bit nervous. I read you had a cheat sheet for veggies. would you be willing to share?

Shannon said...

I had no idea you had started your blog back sorry for the lack of comments!

But, how does the commute thing work out ... I guess I'm wondering because my husband and I *might* be doing something similar in a few months. I work out west and if everything works out..he'd be downtown! Just opposite of yall's!