Wednesday, August 26, 2009

St. Louis Pictures

I know I'm a little behind, but here are a few pictures from St. Louis. The husband in our standing room only seats. We did the this thing called "First Pitch". You pay $11.00 for 2 tickets the morning of the game. Then 15 minutes before game time they let you in the doors. You don't know you seat until that time. You can get seats ALL over the stadium. We didn't luck out though. We got standing room only. As you can see though we didn't have a bad seat. You actually don't have a seat, you stand, but you get my point. I enjoyed that night better than I did the night we had seats in the outfield. Then here we are during the stadium tour. Very cool! In fact, I thought that was the best part of the weekend.
The husband and my nephew Garrett. We had a great view from the hotel, however, I'll not stay at the Crowne Plaza again.

I also hope to post some pictures from out baptism this last weekend. The husband and I joined a church recently and so we had to get baptized again. A friend of mine took a few photos when she sends those, I'll post them up.

If you know me on facebook you can watch the video!

So Monday I went to dinner with my Meme! She and I went to Ruby Tuesdays. I got the salad bar and did my usual. Nothing drastic. Then I got a small bowl of the Chicken Chili. HELLO SODIUM! In fact when I weighed yesterday morning it was up 4 lbs!
I've spent the last 2 days drinking my water and trying hard to lose that water. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be back in full swing. I'm opting to wait one more day before I weigh. I'll post my results tomorrow!

I better jet. I have multiple jobs needing my attention this afternoon.

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