Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back!

I doubt I have many followers anymore, but I'm coming back to the blog world.

Since the marathon I've just had tons going on. I celebrated my 31st birthday, my 7th wedding anniversary, been on several mini vacations and worked.

I've had a crazy year at work. Seriously, I took on more responsibility last fall and I'm paying for it.
Hopefully things in the work department are going to change.

Life for me must get back to regular exercise and regular eating. I've been all over the map in both areas.

New challenges are kicking off at PNP so I'm ready to start exercising on a routine basis and eating back like I need. I've put on 10 lbs since the marathon and I can totally tell. My clothes are miserable. It is time! Past time!

This last weekend my husband and I went to a conference. It was so wonderful. We learned about God, Prayer, etc. etc. It was such a refreshing time. My Christian Life is growing and I'm loving seeing how God is working in mine and my husbands life.

So here I am, back at it.

I'm making a pact to blog again. I think I lost some of my motivation when I quit. I'm back at it though. Hopefully some of my bloggers will come back to me. I sure hope! If not, surely I'll find more along the way.

I'm off to get my hair done, then tomorrow I'm back at work for a while. Although the hubs is trying to get me to go back to Destin again. I would love too, but I don't know if we can honestly find the time! Other than that, you should see me more! I promise!

Oh and I gotta start training for my half marathon. It's October 24!


Dawn said...

YEA JESS!! I have missed you. I check your blog periodically to see if you have updated. What a wonderful surprise to see today that you posted.

I am so ready for the PNP challenge too. It is coming at the perfect time.

Back to Destin, huh? I SAY GO!!!

Christina said...

I started reading your blog quite a few months ago, and I'm glad your back!! I look forward to hearing more from yoU!

Teresa said...

Welcome back. I still check to see if you've blogged. Have fun with the training for the half.