Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I joined...

Weight Watchers Online Today.

I need a good tracking system. I do okay at journaling my food on paper, but then I stop and you know what happens then. I start getting lazy, stop tracking to the T, etc, etc.

It was cheap! $16.99 a month or something like that.

Another reason I did it was because I really need to drop 10-15 lbs. My weight has creeped up like I mentioned yesterday. I really want to get back down to the 145-150 range. I can do it. I saw a "skinny" picture of me 2 weeks ago, and honestly, I haven't seen that me in probably 2 years...I just need to drop this weight. We're hoping to start our family this year so I REALLY need to get this weight off.

Oh, and I joined the challenge at PNP. It costs $10.00 to enter, but the biggie is the winner take home CASHOLA! Sweet! Nothing like a little reward to help keep me motivated.

I started tracking today, and I even got in some good exercise tonight. The weather in AR is so unusual for July. It is normally 100 degrees and miserable. The temps today were low to mid 70's and rain. This afternoon it warmed up, but it was very tolerable, so I headed out for some exercise.

Day 2 of journaling on my blog...WOW, I'm on a roll!

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Brandi said...

Welcome back girly! Stay strong and I know you will easily be back on track! You have determination!! Glad to see you back on here. :)