Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Give it up

I've had a great day.

I tracked everything in my nifty little online journal. I'm still getting used to the online journal, but it is working. I stayed within my little points allowance. Success!

Today I worked a WW meeting. I told the group I was coming back to WW. I've never really left, but I have done several different programs. All the while, I never know why I do that. WW is really the only one that works for me. Anyhow, I told them I was joining our online version. That I needed double the countability. I was trying to sell the program I guess. Of course I also told them they needed the accountability with meetings as well.
I typed up a great little fruits and veggies cheat sheet for each one. I gave them points values and serving sizes. This month the meeting guide is focusing on fruits and veggies. I think they'll use it. I know I will!

I also went over to the walking trail tonight. WOOT. I got a great workout in. The weather in AR is unbelievable right now. Cool and pleasant. It's still sticky and I'm still sweaty, but the difference is huge in comparison!

This weekend I have something every night!
Friday we have dinner plans with friends, Saturday I have a high school get together with some girlfriends and Sunday is packed with church festivities. Man, I'm gonna be busy! I love busy weekends.

I guess I'm off to shower....I feel nasty after my workout.


Brandi said...

Hey girl, it's part of the marathon group. There are only about 5 of us running together. We have fun though! We meet up every Tues, Thurs nights, and either Saturday or Sunday morning. We have all paces too. Some fast and some slow.

Dawn said...

Jess if you think it is nice there you should be up here. It is GORGEOUS!!! The perfect temperature. I feel like it is Fall.

I bet the group loved the fruits and veggies thing you gave them. So useful.

So glad you are getting back to what you know and what works for you.

Keep chugging that water!