Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if this blog should exist...

I never have time for it anymore.

About 6 months ago my job took on more responsibility and since then, I never have much time for blogs, emails, facebook, my Phit and Phat lifestyle.

I'm not saying the new responsibilities were a bad thing, but man I never dreamed I'd be working 50 hour weeks.

I'm actually off tomorrow. I took it off because I feel like I need it to rest. I worked on Sunday this week for a conference so my 40 hour work week is in. I won't take any vacation time for it because I'm already well over the 40 hours. WOOT for that. Saving it for my Destin Vacation!

Speaking of, this year I'm trying not to look forward to it. I felt like I got a let down last year when I had a countdown going. I think my countdown is at 45 days or something like that. I'm not certain anymore. Like I said, I'm trying not to let that countdown consume me. I've got lots to do before June 19th!

What have I been up to:
1. Work
2. Getting ready for a Pageant. I'm not entering, just helping.
3. Helping my sister with her catering business

That is about all!

This weekend is Toad Suck Daze....For those of you not from this area, google it. It is a local festival held in the town I live in. We plan on going to see Jars of Clay on Sunday....I can't wait!

So, I'm off tomorrow, then I'm helping with the pageant on Saturday and then Sunday is church and the concert!
Still a busy weekend, but it should be an easy one.

My birthday is coming soon also.....I love birthdays!

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Anonymous said...

I'm running in the Toad Suck 5k in the morning! Yay! First 5k of the year...