Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I exercised....

Enough said, I finally exercised tonight. I mean I've been exercising some, but not on a regular basis. My umph just isn't here. I need to find it.

I'm working tons and honestly the last few weeks I've been dead tired when I get home. I don't feel like doing anything let along exercising. I actually went out tonight and did some exercising and it felt good.

Work is busy but whats new! Honestly, I need a rest. I work nonstop for 10-11 hours daily and I'm pooped. Again, my main reason I haven't been exercising on a regular basis.

Tonight the hubs and I are watching the Cards on TV. He is a big fan. I just tag along. I know what he'll be doing all summer..Watching baseball.

This blog entry is getting way boring! I think I'll call it quits for tonight.


Brandi said...

Girl I'm right there with you. I feel so lost without some form of exercise. I've been too pooped though! I get up and go to work and work all day only to find out I have more work to do when I get home. This past month I have felt more married to my laptop than my hubby. :( Cancun is only 2 weeks away and I can't wait!! I told them I will NOT take my laptop with me! HA

Dawn said...

WAY TO GO JESS!!! You are one step ahead of me. I haven't done JACK since the marathon.

Heather said...

You totally deserve some rest time after the marathon!!! But I know it feels better sometimes just to get out there and do something.
Sorry your work has been so crazy--that makes things hard!