Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Blog.....

Wow, it has been a week since I posted!

I tell you, I come in here saying the same thing. I'm busy at work, no time to post, etc.

The good thing is I'm back to exercising! Hot Diggity Dog! I've been really slacking the last month or so since the marathon. I was going maybe once a week for the last 2-3 weeks, but last week I exercised 4 days and this week I've already exercised 2 and it is only Tuesday! WOOT. Actually, I've got the hubs doing some exercise with me. It has helped. He needs to get out himself, so it works out good.

Today I was in Fayetteville for work. I'm going once a week right now. I'm trying hard to learn a new program. It is called In Design! It is a little more detailed, but honestly, it'll be so worth it when I get some training behind me. We have a girl leaving us, so I'm trying to pick up the slack in more of the graphics area. I do that now, but not to the extent needed. I'm more of an event planner not a designer. I submit on jobs, but I do it very basic. Not anymore. I'm going to need to start getting more creative juices flowing.

We have Sonic's in the south....Oh my, I love Happy Hour. Half price drinks such as my favorite...Diet Dr. Pepper with a squirt of vanilla. Yum! Cost me all of about $1.10 for a large! Today though I had an unsweetened tea with a few sweetnlow. I love Sonic. I know I've seen others post about happy hour...It lasts from 2-4 daily! It made my 2.5 hour drive back home much more tolerable.

This weekend I'm heading to Branson, MO! I am in need of some retail therapy. We are on lock down with our spending, but I've stashed a little away. I need some new clothes so bad! I can't wait. I sure hope the outlets have some deals, because I'm the ultimate deal shopper. I only buy it if it's on sale and if it isn't, I think about it and if I can't stop thinking about it, I'll go back. Contemplate some more and then make a final decision. Yes, I'm a true bargain hunter!

I'm about to head to the couch for a little TLC before bed.

I promise I'll be back before next Tuesday.....