Sunday, April 5, 2009

50 Hours and dead tired

Okay, so I worked about 50 hours last week. When I finally got off on Friday at almost 6, I was dead. I think I crashed at 9 on Friday night. I was pooped. This last week has been rough.

1. I'm battling sick still. I have the sinus/allergy crud
2. MIL was back in the hospital. Remember she had double knee replacement 1 month ago. She is recovered from that, but the pain meds have messed up her insides. They think she might of had pancreatitis from the pain medication she was on. The crazy thing is she hasn't taken that stuff in 2 weeks. Her knees look phenomenal. She hopped out of the bed at the hospital to go to the bathroom and used the walker, but she didn't need it. In all seriousness though, the pancreatitis knocked her down. She is back home now and doing much better. So, we spent Thursday night with her.

So, several days last week I worked late, had church group, went to see MIL in hospital, etc. I had a hectic week.

I've spent most of the weekend relaxing and boy was it nice. LOVED it. Yesterday it was sunny and 70 degrees so we went out to our local universities football scrimmage. It was so nice outside. I loved it.

Church was so awesome today. We've been attending a new church for about 6 months and we're so close to joining. We thought we would do the 411 class in 2 weeks and then make it official and join. This morning we did a Good Friday type of service and it was awesome. They had a drama and giant crosses and the front of the church. They asked everyone to take one sin in your life or more if you prefer and give it up to God. You were to write it on a black sheet of paper and then go up to the cross and nail it. It was so cool. I loved it! Then we sang old hymns like and we took communion. What an awesome morning!
It made it even more evident to both of us that we found our church home.

Then this afternoon the hubs and I spent the day working in the yard. We mowed, worked on the flower bed, put in some mulch, washed the cars, etc. We had a very productive afternoon.

This week I am traveling on Monday and then have obligations on Wed and Thursday! Sounds like it'll be another busy, busy week!

Happy Easter week!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds busy!! What church do ya'll attend? We've been looking too.