Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sometimes I wonder if this blog should exist...

I never have time for it anymore.

About 6 months ago my job took on more responsibility and since then, I never have much time for blogs, emails, facebook, my Phit and Phat lifestyle.

I'm not saying the new responsibilities were a bad thing, but man I never dreamed I'd be working 50 hour weeks.

I'm actually off tomorrow. I took it off because I feel like I need it to rest. I worked on Sunday this week for a conference so my 40 hour work week is in. I won't take any vacation time for it because I'm already well over the 40 hours. WOOT for that. Saving it for my Destin Vacation!

Speaking of, this year I'm trying not to look forward to it. I felt like I got a let down last year when I had a countdown going. I think my countdown is at 45 days or something like that. I'm not certain anymore. Like I said, I'm trying not to let that countdown consume me. I've got lots to do before June 19th!

What have I been up to:
1. Work
2. Getting ready for a Pageant. I'm not entering, just helping.
3. Helping my sister with her catering business

That is about all!

This weekend is Toad Suck Daze....For those of you not from this area, google it. It is a local festival held in the town I live in. We plan on going to see Jars of Clay on Sunday....I can't wait!

So, I'm off tomorrow, then I'm helping with the pageant on Saturday and then Sunday is church and the concert!
Still a busy weekend, but it should be an easy one.

My birthday is coming soon also.....I love birthdays!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deals, Deals, Deals

Yesterday was the trip to Branson. We left at 6:00 am! I got up early yesterday than I do for a work day. :(

We hit the road and arrived in Branson about 9:45. We stopped for Breakfast and then hit the Tanger outlet. If you are familiar with Branson it's the blue roof outlet. I was a slight bit disappointed we didn't get to spend more time at this one. It is by far my favorite of all the outlets because it carries all my favs: Gap, Banana Republic, Coach, Ann Taylor Loft, Old Navy, Etc.

So I brought my allotment of money. I brought cash because that seems to work best for me. When I have cash I know what I've spent and what is left. When I use the debit card then I'm adding up my receipts etc. Just a pain. So anyhow, I went with my set amount. My key is NEVER buy to quick. You want that $$ to last. My first purchase was two pairs of corduroy pants black and off white for guess what? $4.77 each! Okay, bargain people! When she rang me up she said told me it was a final sale! I told her not to worry! I'd tried them on and they fit! One thing is I'm tall (5'8), so I have to buy sometimes a slightly bigger size so I know my length will fit. The sizing and length were perfect! The pants came from Ann Taylor Loft.

When we walked into Banana Republic the guy at the counter told us everything in the store was additional 40% off! SWEET! That means all sales were then additionally on sale even more! I should of stayed in that store longer! All I got was a cute wallet for $5.00.

That was all I got at the first outlet. I almost got this adorable rain coat at the Gap, but it just didn't scream "get me" and the price was $20.00. I was looking for $10.00 or less bargains remember!

Our second stop was red roof. My sister Janna wanted to get a few things at that outlet, so we briefly stopped in.
We went to the Hanes outlet and I stocked up on a few items. Again, I spent $28.00, but I once again got a deal on some stuff. Just girly stuff! Multiple items too!
I also got me an ice cream scoop so that I can scoop our cookie dough with it. I went to Wal-Mart a month ago to buy one....$12.00, I thought that was scandalous! I got one yesterday at Tuesday Mornings for $3.50. ChaChing!

Our last stop was Branson Landing! I purchased one shirt at Ann Taylor but that was my only purchase. It was $9.99. Oh yeah, I forgot two giant chocolates for the hubs at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate store cost me almost $7.00. Can you believe that. I bought it though. He deserved a treat!

So I came home spending about $65.00.

It was a fun time! It gave me a chance to spend time with both my parents and one of my sisters. We don't get that time like we once did. I was glad I went! It made getting up early and shopping all day totally worth it!

Sunday is winding down and Monday will soon be here! Oh well, I'm thankful I have a job.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello Blog.....

Wow, it has been a week since I posted!

I tell you, I come in here saying the same thing. I'm busy at work, no time to post, etc.

The good thing is I'm back to exercising! Hot Diggity Dog! I've been really slacking the last month or so since the marathon. I was going maybe once a week for the last 2-3 weeks, but last week I exercised 4 days and this week I've already exercised 2 and it is only Tuesday! WOOT. Actually, I've got the hubs doing some exercise with me. It has helped. He needs to get out himself, so it works out good.

Today I was in Fayetteville for work. I'm going once a week right now. I'm trying hard to learn a new program. It is called In Design! It is a little more detailed, but honestly, it'll be so worth it when I get some training behind me. We have a girl leaving us, so I'm trying to pick up the slack in more of the graphics area. I do that now, but not to the extent needed. I'm more of an event planner not a designer. I submit on jobs, but I do it very basic. Not anymore. I'm going to need to start getting more creative juices flowing.

We have Sonic's in the south....Oh my, I love Happy Hour. Half price drinks such as my favorite...Diet Dr. Pepper with a squirt of vanilla. Yum! Cost me all of about $1.10 for a large! Today though I had an unsweetened tea with a few sweetnlow. I love Sonic. I know I've seen others post about happy hour...It lasts from 2-4 daily! It made my 2.5 hour drive back home much more tolerable.

This weekend I'm heading to Branson, MO! I am in need of some retail therapy. We are on lock down with our spending, but I've stashed a little away. I need some new clothes so bad! I can't wait. I sure hope the outlets have some deals, because I'm the ultimate deal shopper. I only buy it if it's on sale and if it isn't, I think about it and if I can't stop thinking about it, I'll go back. Contemplate some more and then make a final decision. Yes, I'm a true bargain hunter!

I'm about to head to the couch for a little TLC before bed.

I promise I'll be back before next Tuesday.....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I exercised....

Enough said, I finally exercised tonight. I mean I've been exercising some, but not on a regular basis. My umph just isn't here. I need to find it.

I'm working tons and honestly the last few weeks I've been dead tired when I get home. I don't feel like doing anything let along exercising. I actually went out tonight and did some exercising and it felt good.

Work is busy but whats new! Honestly, I need a rest. I work nonstop for 10-11 hours daily and I'm pooped. Again, my main reason I haven't been exercising on a regular basis.

Tonight the hubs and I are watching the Cards on TV. He is a big fan. I just tag along. I know what he'll be doing all summer..Watching baseball.

This blog entry is getting way boring! I think I'll call it quits for tonight.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

50 Hours and dead tired

Okay, so I worked about 50 hours last week. When I finally got off on Friday at almost 6, I was dead. I think I crashed at 9 on Friday night. I was pooped. This last week has been rough.

1. I'm battling sick still. I have the sinus/allergy crud
2. MIL was back in the hospital. Remember she had double knee replacement 1 month ago. She is recovered from that, but the pain meds have messed up her insides. They think she might of had pancreatitis from the pain medication she was on. The crazy thing is she hasn't taken that stuff in 2 weeks. Her knees look phenomenal. She hopped out of the bed at the hospital to go to the bathroom and used the walker, but she didn't need it. In all seriousness though, the pancreatitis knocked her down. She is back home now and doing much better. So, we spent Thursday night with her.

So, several days last week I worked late, had church group, went to see MIL in hospital, etc. I had a hectic week.

I've spent most of the weekend relaxing and boy was it nice. LOVED it. Yesterday it was sunny and 70 degrees so we went out to our local universities football scrimmage. It was so nice outside. I loved it.

Church was so awesome today. We've been attending a new church for about 6 months and we're so close to joining. We thought we would do the 411 class in 2 weeks and then make it official and join. This morning we did a Good Friday type of service and it was awesome. They had a drama and giant crosses and the front of the church. They asked everyone to take one sin in your life or more if you prefer and give it up to God. You were to write it on a black sheet of paper and then go up to the cross and nail it. It was so cool. I loved it! Then we sang old hymns like and we took communion. What an awesome morning!
It made it even more evident to both of us that we found our church home.

Then this afternoon the hubs and I spent the day working in the yard. We mowed, worked on the flower bed, put in some mulch, washed the cars, etc. We had a very productive afternoon.

This week I am traveling on Monday and then have obligations on Wed and Thursday! Sounds like it'll be another busy, busy week!

Happy Easter week!