Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday....4 more days!

I had a hectic day today, but what's new!

I'm doing good. Just plugging along with work and my eating.

I've also been tapering back this week. Enjoying short minimal runs. Tonight I was going to run before church, but the weather in AR is 40 and raining! UGH! So, I'll go tomorrow night and call it good.

I've also received 2 blog awards....I PROMISE to post these up, both of them. Please don't hate me...I just haven't had the time. Actually these are the first two awards I've ever received in the blog community. Thanks Tara and Brandi!

A couple of good things to report:
The husband did our taxes and we are getting a small refund! WOOT! Thanks to the hubs for doing them!
Our Honda is about to be paid off....In other words we are sending in the $ and calling it good.
The marathon is almost here and several good friends are coming to town! :)

Bad things:
My neck is killing me. I slept on it wrong 2 weeks ago and it got better but last night I did something wrong again!
I have two killer days at work tomorrow and also Friday!
My dad can't make it to the finish line on Sunday! :( Bummer!
The weather is stinkin cold and we need to mow our lawn before friends come to town! Won't be happening I'm afraid! The lawn is so wet!

I'm off to church...can't wait, we are studying a great study by Andy Stanley! I'm also making new friends. Life is good.

4 days Jessy.......4 days!

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Ashley said...

What a cute blog!!! Love it! ;)