Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wasabi Wednesday...

Tonight was Sushi night! I am so addicted to two different types of rolls that our local Sushi establishment makes. So yummy and very healthy.

I also love wasabi and soy. I do use light and I try to limit myself. I also only ate two rolls and a few bites of fried rice, so honestly, I think I did excellent.

I sure have the blah's these days. I wish I was on vacation. Everyone I know seems to be off or has been off. I would love to take a me day or a couple of me days, but then again, all I would do is lay around the house. I should do something productive. I do think I'll take a little time off on Friday. Maybe an hour or two and just have an early weekend. If the weather is nice the hubs and I thought we might go hiking. That should be fun.

I really want a new Easter dress so I might go looking a little this weekend.

I decided to take this week to rest again. I tried to do something on Monday and it didn't turn out like I wanted. I figure by next week I should be fully recovered and ready to do some sort of exercise. I may walk again tomorrow will see.

I am thinking about doing the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend, IN in June. I may just do the half. Not for certain yet.
I was seriously considering the Nashville CMM but I don't want to travel the distance.

I have so neglected all my blog friends.....I seriously need to send all my favorites to my home computer so I can at least look some at night.

Happy Wednesday....Almost the weekend!


Anonymous said...

I love fried rice. I couldn't have taken just a few bites!

I know about the blahs! I need a vacation too! Soon! We're thinking Mexico in May, but with all the hype about the Drug Wars...we're not sure yet. This would be our 3rd year in a row to go...and I'd hate to miss it!

Teresa said...

sushi rolls , wasabi and soy are my most favorite food. We only have a chinese restaraunt here that serves it. Boy do I love it. Your probably just still worn out from the marathon.