Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The story!

3:45-My alarm sounded. Honestly, I slept better than I thought I would. I woke up and my stomach was churning. I decided to start with breakfast in hopes I could get my body working properly before starting the run.

4:45 We headed for the Start Line!

6:00 Official race began! Honestly, I was still feeling rather sick at this point and I was afraid things weren't going to be easy on me. Luckily it was just nerves because by about mile 2, I was ready to bust out those miles.
WE did the early start so we could finish at a reasonable time on Sunday.

The experience was unforgettable. We had several relayers run with us so we got a fresh face ever so often. It was great seeing new people and chatting with different folks. We experienced some great company on the race route from 2 men from TX and CA that have done over 600 marathons and did one on Saturday before this race! They are walkers but STILL...We also met a lady named Jena, she was 71 1/2 walking her 5th marathon. People like these inspire me!

About mile 20, I knew that at that point it would be the farthest that really I've ever gone. One run we thought we might of done close to 22, but we weren't certain. I knew that around that would be the first ever that I had done that many miles. Those last 5 were not near as bad as I thought. We honestly took our time. We stopped at almost every bathroom and we fueled at ever 45 minutes. Every relay stop, we were supported by husbands and supporters...It was awesome. We also took photos during several spots, and our time reflected that.
At mile 26 the tears started rolling! I had done it. I had raced the race I never even dreamt I could do.
WE laughed because at mile 26 they gave us lipstick so fix our selves up. We all applied and hit the road for the last .5 mile or so. When we ran up to that finish my dreams became reality!
It might of taken 6.5 hours, but I did it!

I am a marathon runner!

What is next for me?
Not sure! I'll keep running for sure. We are talking about doing a half marathon in April. Other than that though I won't do another marathon for a while, however, I will do another full marathon one day!

Thank you all for the support and prayer! Honestly it was felt and I appreciate it.

I'll post more picture soon once people share some!

Also, I did this race with Corinne, Julie and Dawn! You can see our video that Corinne did on her site! Check these out. The middle one is the best, but the other three tell a little about our journeys before and after the race!


Teresa said...

Great story, I know you are so proud, and have every right to be.

Carrie said...

AWESOME!! Such an accomplishment!! Great job!! I am running my 2nd 1/2 this Sunday - I ran my 1st at the Country Music 1/2 Marathon back in 2002...but that was before I had my daughter...so we'll see how this one goes!!

Heather said...

CONGRATS, again! I know you are so proud and you should be! There is nothing like crossing that finish line...I was emotional every single time!! You will always remember your first marathon....it's sorta like giving birth! You forget the pain and remember all the good stuff!!! :)