Thursday, March 5, 2009

One year ago yesterday

Yes, I'm a little late. I knew the anniversary was looming, but I totally didn't have time to post must yesterday so I will today.

1 year ago yesterday I started my first blog. Wow, I just can't believe it.

I have accomplished so much this last year and I've pretty much documented it here.

Marathon is 9 days away
Vacation is 109 days away
Football season is 5 months away :(

Over the last year I've done races, went on vacation, and attended all the HOG football games. It has been a fun and exciting year.

Speaking of football. The husband and I haven't missed a HOG football game home or away in several years. We went to ALL OF THEM! Over the last few weeks we have seriously thought about giving this up. We love to travel and we love the HOGS, but right now our lives are super hectic. The husband referees high school football all over the state during this time of year not too mention every weekend we are gone. It just adds up. Our poor little Honda Accord is totally taking a beating.
Season ticket renewel takes place soon and this morning we decided we will just attend 1 away game this year. Sad I know, but honestly, I think it is the right thing to do. Of course we will still attend all the Home games both in Little Rock and in Fayetteville.

MIL is doing well. We visited her last night. She had a good day yesterday up until about noon and I think it all caught up with her. She was feeling a little poorly from the anesthesia. She is a trooper though.

Tonight I am going home for a short run and then vegging. The husband and I are LOST watchers and we missed last weeks show, so we have two episodes that we need to catch up on. We are planning on doing that tonight. It sounds so nice to just sit for once.

Of course the big garage sale is also this weekend....I think for the most part, we are READY!

So, I guess as I start year 2 in the blog world surely I'll have more more memories to tell!

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The Lewis's said...

Should be a great weekend for your garage sale!