Sunday, March 1, 2009

My week

Again, I've been so busy with work, training for a marathon, and our spring cleaning tasks.

Last week I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and today. Then each night we took about 1-3 hours working on our attic and cleaning around our house. This Saturday we're doing the garage sale thing. Wow, so exhausting. It'll be worth it though.

Today we did 10 miles. It was 15 degrees and freezing. I thought I was literally gonna freeze to death a few times.
Then after the run, the husband and I along with Dawn and her husband and our friend Brandon went to the Arkansas/Georgia game. It was the 15th anniversary to the 1994 NCAA Basketball Championship. 15 years ago Arkansas beat Duke for the National Championship. SO today, they honored the 1994 team. It was awesome. The arena was packed and the hog callin was loud. Our current team even pulled out a win. They've had a rough season this year.

For those of you from AR, we stopped by for a Whataburger in Russellville. I'm not sure the trip would of been complete without it. It was so yummy. They have the best burgers. It is similar to the Whataburger chains but much better.

We are home now and I'm ready for bed.

This week my schedule is much of the same:
Monday: Run, get ready for garage sale
Tuesday: Run, get ready for garage sale (MIL is always having double knee replacement surgery)
Wednesday: Run, church
Thursday: Visiting MIL
Friday: Getting ready for garage sale
Saturday: Garage Sale and rest
Sunday: 8 mile run

I'm so ready for this training to be over. I'm run down. I am trying to put too many things in my schedule and I just can't get it all in. I'm worn down. Not too mention I also work full time. Wow, I can't imagine training for a marathon and having kids. Whew, I'm not sure I'd make it.

Hopefully this week I'll be able to blog more.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!