Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First day back...

So, today was my first running day since the marathon. I did 3 miles.

When I started it was rough. My groin area is sore on both legs and my lungs felt like they wern't at my normal 100%. I've been fighting off the crud for months, I just wish it would come and go and stop lingering. I guess I'll break down and buy some medicine!

So anyhow, the run went good. It started off bad, but as I progressed it got much better.

My food is also back in check. I haven't had any chocolate in SEVERAL days and I've also been sticking to my food allotment. I'm trying to work it.

Yesterday we had to work late! :( The joys of carpooling. When I work late, so does he and when he works late so do I. Yesterday he had to stay late so I worked 11.5 hours. I was wiped when we finally got home. I went to bed at 9.
Tonight I came home, cooked part of dinner, headed out for a run, came home to finish dinner and we ate. I'm now showered and trying to relax before I get up and do it all over again!

So, for my first day back to running even though it wasn't necessarily easy, I did it!

Oh and Spirit of the Marathon was AWESOME......
I think I want to run the Chicago Marathon now!


Anonymous said...

I thought about doing the Chicago Half - but hubs isn't to keen on the idea! LOL

thecavvys said...

hello I came across your blog when i googled cute hair cuts and i LOVE yours!! I hope you dont mind me asking you a few question either. Is your hair thick or thin and are you able to put it up? Good luck with the running (im starting to again) and my hubby lived in AK so GO HOGS! Thanks!

Tiffa said...

YAY on getting back to running!!!