Monday, March 23, 2009


I can't do much of anything on the internet at work anymore! :(

We are limited to what we can do and one of those is blogging as well as Facebook and even my Phit and Phat stuff. :(

So, I'll be blogging from home now.

Today I'm back to journaling and eating better. I gave myself last week to sort of reward myself from the marathon. I've done well today and journaled all my food.
I also went for some exercise. I feel great and my body seems pretty much back to normal. Yippee. I did a 30 minute walk. Tomorrow I'm going to try running again.

This weekend was so nice, but it flew by. I hate that. It was nice being at home and enjoying the nice weather yesterday. Sunny and 75 by the way. We actually washed cars and enjoyed the nice fresh air. One bad part was our car battery died. Go figure, we pay it off and it breaks. Oh well, it wasn't all that much to fix. I just hope this isn't the start of anything.

I am so happy that Spring has sprung. This week is spring break and just about everyone is off. Not me and the hubs...we are working! I told him it stunk being an adult. He agreed!

I started reading the Shack this weekend and I'm about to go read some of it and relax.

Have a super evening!