Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Busy Week

Seriously, time is flying and I'm finding it hard to get up each morning!

Today my MIL is having double knee replacement surgery. Poor thing. I hope she does okay. My husband just called and she is doing well. We are going to go visit her tomorrow night.

This week we are finishing up the garage sale stuff. We did some pricing last night and got it more organized. In AR this week they are predicting some warm temperatures! 70-80 degrees! I can't wait! So, I'm thinking we should have nice garage sale weather.

Last night I did a short run and I'll do another one tonight....I am starting to click away the runs! WOO Hoo...This marathon is totally here! Oh my, the runs are short and sweet from here on out.

You know that next week all I will talk about is the marathon, so get ready! Not that I haven't been talking about it for the last 6 months but still.

As I mentioned I'm back to counting my points with Weight Watchers. They called me 3 weeks ago and asked me to come back to working for them. I decided I needed the accountability. So far, I'm down about 5 lbs, just from journaling and following the program. Seriously, it works if you work it. I've done every diet known to man kind and finally this one clicked for me. Please remind me of this again when I start wanting to count calories again or stop eating carbs etc!

I thought I'd post a picture of me and the husband today. These last few weeks my patience hasn't been what it needs to be. We are working hard on getting our house in order, I'm running like a maniac, and our schedule, well lets just say we don't have any extra time to really spend together. I can't wait for the marathon to be over so we can enjoy our evenings together!

This was from the best game ever....Arkansas vs. LSU November 2007! What a game......

Okay, I better get going....Duty calls!