Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First day back...

So, today was my first running day since the marathon. I did 3 miles.

When I started it was rough. My groin area is sore on both legs and my lungs felt like they wern't at my normal 100%. I've been fighting off the crud for months, I just wish it would come and go and stop lingering. I guess I'll break down and buy some medicine!

So anyhow, the run went good. It started off bad, but as I progressed it got much better.

My food is also back in check. I haven't had any chocolate in SEVERAL days and I've also been sticking to my food allotment. I'm trying to work it.

Yesterday we had to work late! :( The joys of carpooling. When I work late, so does he and when he works late so do I. Yesterday he had to stay late so I worked 11.5 hours. I was wiped when we finally got home. I went to bed at 9.
Tonight I came home, cooked part of dinner, headed out for a run, came home to finish dinner and we ate. I'm now showered and trying to relax before I get up and do it all over again!

So, for my first day back to running even though it wasn't necessarily easy, I did it!

Oh and Spirit of the Marathon was AWESOME......
I think I want to run the Chicago Marathon now!

Friday, March 27, 2009


So, I've had the spring break blues all week. Everyone is off and I'm at work! Boooooo

So it is finally Friday and the weekend is finally here. I actually took off at 2:00 today. I had my hours in and everyone else in the office was gone, so I left as well. I came home, went to Walmart and got that taken care of, now I'm home enjoying my early start to the weekend.

We don't have tons on the agenda. I have a wedding shower to attend tomorrow and then church on Sunday, but that's all! WOO HOO!

My house is basically clean, I just need to do the usual dusting and vacuuming, so I might do that tonight. I'm looking forward to reading and just relaxing.

The hubs and I are planning on watching a DVD that a friend of mine gave me (Maggie). It is called the Spirit of the Marathon. I can't wait! She bought it for me and sent it to me. She is so sweet. I can't wait to watch it. From what I hear, it's a documentary on several people training for a marathon! I can't wait to see it.

The weather is pretty stinky here.....Raining and then tomorrow it is going to be cold....brr....
I'm so ready for spring!

Happy Weekend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wasabi Wednesday...

Tonight was Sushi night! I am so addicted to two different types of rolls that our local Sushi establishment makes. So yummy and very healthy.

I also love wasabi and soy. I do use light and I try to limit myself. I also only ate two rolls and a few bites of fried rice, so honestly, I think I did excellent.

I sure have the blah's these days. I wish I was on vacation. Everyone I know seems to be off or has been off. I would love to take a me day or a couple of me days, but then again, all I would do is lay around the house. I should do something productive. I do think I'll take a little time off on Friday. Maybe an hour or two and just have an early weekend. If the weather is nice the hubs and I thought we might go hiking. That should be fun.

I really want a new Easter dress so I might go looking a little this weekend.

I decided to take this week to rest again. I tried to do something on Monday and it didn't turn out like I wanted. I figure by next week I should be fully recovered and ready to do some sort of exercise. I may walk again tomorrow will see.

I am thinking about doing the Sunburst Marathon in South Bend, IN in June. I may just do the half. Not for certain yet.
I was seriously considering the Nashville CMM but I don't want to travel the distance.

I have so neglected all my blog friends.....I seriously need to send all my favorites to my home computer so I can at least look some at night.

Happy Wednesday....Almost the weekend!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I can't do much of anything on the internet at work anymore! :(

We are limited to what we can do and one of those is blogging as well as Facebook and even my Phit and Phat stuff. :(

So, I'll be blogging from home now.

Today I'm back to journaling and eating better. I gave myself last week to sort of reward myself from the marathon. I've done well today and journaled all my food.
I also went for some exercise. I feel great and my body seems pretty much back to normal. Yippee. I did a 30 minute walk. Tomorrow I'm going to try running again.

This weekend was so nice, but it flew by. I hate that. It was nice being at home and enjoying the nice weather yesterday. Sunny and 75 by the way. We actually washed cars and enjoyed the nice fresh air. One bad part was our car battery died. Go figure, we pay it off and it breaks. Oh well, it wasn't all that much to fix. I just hope this isn't the start of anything.

I am so happy that Spring has sprung. This week is spring break and just about everyone is off. Not me and the hubs...we are working! I told him it stunk being an adult. He agreed!

I started reading the Shack this weekend and I'm about to go read some of it and relax.

Have a super evening!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

First Saturday in a Looooong time..

This is the first Saturday/Weekend I've actually been at home with nothing to do. I love it. I slept until 9, now I'm lounging in my pajamas drinking coffee and enjoying the laziness.

This morning I tired the Fiber One Pancakes. Yum! I liked them. I had seen some mixed reviews, but I thought they were excellent. I found it at Kroger, my walmart didn't have it.

I am officially fully recovered from the marathon. I have been since Wednesday actually. I still am on cloud 9. It is just amazing that I ran a marathon. Honestly, sometimes I feel like pinching myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. Everyday this week on my way to work I take the road we finished on. I'll never forget how awesome it really was running into that finish line.

This afternoon the husband and I are going to a crawfish boil. My sister and BIL are doing it. We are doing crawfish, shrimp, potatoes, corn, sausage, etc. The whole nine yards. It sounds very yummy to me!

I'm off to be lazy!

FYI....I'm thinking about doing another marathon soon.....More details on that later!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Video's and more Pictures

Corinne did an awesome video that you should watch if you have time. Here is the link to her blog with the videos!

Also, here are more picture!

Me at the expo

Me carb loading!

All of us at the Capitol

At Mile 25! SO CLOSE!

Applying lipstick before the finish!

Of course us with the giant medals!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The story!

3:45-My alarm sounded. Honestly, I slept better than I thought I would. I woke up and my stomach was churning. I decided to start with breakfast in hopes I could get my body working properly before starting the run.

4:45 We headed for the Start Line!

6:00 Official race began! Honestly, I was still feeling rather sick at this point and I was afraid things weren't going to be easy on me. Luckily it was just nerves because by about mile 2, I was ready to bust out those miles.
WE did the early start so we could finish at a reasonable time on Sunday.

The experience was unforgettable. We had several relayers run with us so we got a fresh face ever so often. It was great seeing new people and chatting with different folks. We experienced some great company on the race route from 2 men from TX and CA that have done over 600 marathons and did one on Saturday before this race! They are walkers but STILL...We also met a lady named Jena, she was 71 1/2 walking her 5th marathon. People like these inspire me!

About mile 20, I knew that at that point it would be the farthest that really I've ever gone. One run we thought we might of done close to 22, but we weren't certain. I knew that around that would be the first ever that I had done that many miles. Those last 5 were not near as bad as I thought. We honestly took our time. We stopped at almost every bathroom and we fueled at ever 45 minutes. Every relay stop, we were supported by husbands and supporters...It was awesome. We also took photos during several spots, and our time reflected that.
At mile 26 the tears started rolling! I had done it. I had raced the race I never even dreamt I could do.
WE laughed because at mile 26 they gave us lipstick so fix our selves up. We all applied and hit the road for the last .5 mile or so. When we ran up to that finish my dreams became reality!
It might of taken 6.5 hours, but I did it!

I am a marathon runner!

What is next for me?
Not sure! I'll keep running for sure. We are talking about doing a half marathon in April. Other than that though I won't do another marathon for a while, however, I will do another full marathon one day!

Thank you all for the support and prayer! Honestly it was felt and I appreciate it.

I'll post more picture soon once people share some!

Also, I did this race with Corinne, Julie and Dawn! You can see our video that Corinne did on her site! Check these out. The middle one is the best, but the other three tell a little about our journeys before and after the race!

Monday, March 16, 2009

I did it!!

I am a marathon runner! I did it!
Here I am before the race. Honestly, I was so nervous here! My stomach was in nots. At this point I was really nervous I would never make it.

The maration girls: Dawn, Julie, Jess, Corinne-all first timers!

Dawn and I before!

Jeremy, Julie's husband passing off fuel for the last 5 miles!
Here we are crossing the finish! What a moment!

Here we are with our giant medals!

I'll post more later! For now, I'm going to rest!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday....4 more days!

I had a hectic day today, but what's new!

I'm doing good. Just plugging along with work and my eating.

I've also been tapering back this week. Enjoying short minimal runs. Tonight I was going to run before church, but the weather in AR is 40 and raining! UGH! So, I'll go tomorrow night and call it good.

I've also received 2 blog awards....I PROMISE to post these up, both of them. Please don't hate me...I just haven't had the time. Actually these are the first two awards I've ever received in the blog community. Thanks Tara and Brandi!

A couple of good things to report:
The husband did our taxes and we are getting a small refund! WOOT! Thanks to the hubs for doing them!
Our Honda is about to be paid off....In other words we are sending in the $ and calling it good.
The marathon is almost here and several good friends are coming to town! :)

Bad things:
My neck is killing me. I slept on it wrong 2 weeks ago and it got better but last night I did something wrong again!
I have two killer days at work tomorrow and also Friday!
My dad can't make it to the finish line on Sunday! :( Bummer!
The weather is stinkin cold and we need to mow our lawn before friends come to town! Won't be happening I'm afraid! The lawn is so wet!

I'm off to church...can't wait, we are studying a great study by Andy Stanley! I'm also making new friends. Life is good.

4 days Jessy.......4 days!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cloudy, Sleepy Day

Today the weather in AR is yucky! Cloudy, and dreary! Makes you want to stay in bed.

5 more days. I'm trying to be patient, but I am so ready! This marathon is almost here!

Last night I watched Dancing with the Stars. Honestly, I'm trying to stop watching TV all together, but I'm having a hard time adjusting. I started a new book and I really want to read at night, but somehow that show sucked me in. It just started, so maybe I can break myself before I get hooked. I have so many shows on my DVR because time just hasn't allowed much TV with all this training. I'm thinking of deleting all of them. That means no more Greys, Ugly Betty, Private Practice and Desperate Housewives. These show are "smut" as the husband says. I tend to agree. I'm going to clean up the DVR tonight and start deleting.

Last night I didn't make my 9:00 pm goal! It was because I was watching DWTS. I got in bed and immediately fell asleep at 9:45, but I was short about 45 min. Man am I sleeping good though. I didn't wake up in the night but once. That's a record for me. I want to make my goal tonight, so I'm cutting out TV.
You read it here.......

Yesterday I got a call from Weight Watchers. The normal leader at the Tuesday night meeting called and her MIL isn't doing well. She and her husband are traveling to IL to be with her. She asked me if I could work for her. I told her of course, so I'm working a WW meeting tonight. Didn't sound good on her MIL though...so sad.

Update on my MIL: The husband went to visit her yesterday and she is doing awesome. She moved to the rehab section of the hospital so she can recover. The Dr's are praising her for how well she's doing. My MIL is a tough cookie and a very active 75 year old. She is going home on Friday.
Double Knee replacement isn't easy, but she's adjusting very well.

Monday, March 9, 2009

6 days.....

So I have 6 days until the marathon. Start the prayers now!

Sometimes I wonder if pain is all in my head. What I mean by that is this morning my body is achy. Like my knees are a little sore, and my ankle is bothering me slightly. It seems as if I'm so worried about getting injured that I can't think of anything else. Please say a prayer for me. I really want to finish this marathon strong. I have spent the last 6 months training and I want to cross that finish line feeling great!

I am feeling exhausted this morning. The garage sale went great. We ended around 11 and I shipped everything off to goodwill afterwards. My house is officially back in order. Garage is all clean and both of our cars now fit very nicely inside!
I spent yesterday cleaning my floors though. They were awful! We have hardwood and it's a booger to clean. Dust bunnies everywhere!!!!! My entire house looks great. I'm glad that project is complete. I just have one more and that is my yard.

My exercise schedule will be minimal this week as I rest for the big race! I am also vowing to be in bed by 9 each night this week. I think I can do it.
Actually I know I can do it.

I have a super hectic week at work. One of the busiest weeks of my life and my work has a function. I tired to back out of it months ago, and you see that didn't hold up. I promised them I would help on Friday but I was out for Saturday. Our company is participating in a BBQ contest this weekend. The crazy thing is it is in downtown Little Rock, almost to the spot of the Marathon Start and Finish! What were these people thinking. It will be so chaotic!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Garage Sale and an 8 mile run

This weekend we have the garage sale and an 8 mile run. 8 miles is a breeze. About an hour and a half or so. Woot for a short run this week!
I'll do it on Sunday. I just have some last minute garage sale stuff to accomplish tonight, then all day tomorrow I'll be doing the garage sale and then recovering so that leaves Sunday.

Right now the temps in AR are a sunny 75. Do you know how tempting it is to take off the afternoon? Especially when I see the entire office took vacation this afternoon! :( I see the sun shining in my office and it makes me want to jet outta here. I would but I'm going to take off next Monday after the marathon so I better stay put for now.

After tomorrow I'll be able to rest though. The only thing will be the 8 miler on Sunday. I thought I might get up early on Sunday and knock it out before church. It'll be hard to get up early, but 7:00 is sleeping in for me. Will see. I'll either do it then or that afternoon. I might try and persuade the husband to do Pizza on Sunday night! YUM.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One year ago yesterday

Yes, I'm a little late. I knew the anniversary was looming, but I totally didn't have time to post must yesterday so I will today.

1 year ago yesterday I started my first blog. Wow, I just can't believe it.

I have accomplished so much this last year and I've pretty much documented it here.

Marathon is 9 days away
Vacation is 109 days away
Football season is 5 months away :(

Over the last year I've done races, went on vacation, and attended all the HOG football games. It has been a fun and exciting year.

Speaking of football. The husband and I haven't missed a HOG football game home or away in several years. We went to ALL OF THEM! Over the last few weeks we have seriously thought about giving this up. We love to travel and we love the HOGS, but right now our lives are super hectic. The husband referees high school football all over the state during this time of year not too mention every weekend we are gone. It just adds up. Our poor little Honda Accord is totally taking a beating.
Season ticket renewel takes place soon and this morning we decided we will just attend 1 away game this year. Sad I know, but honestly, I think it is the right thing to do. Of course we will still attend all the Home games both in Little Rock and in Fayetteville.

MIL is doing well. We visited her last night. She had a good day yesterday up until about noon and I think it all caught up with her. She was feeling a little poorly from the anesthesia. She is a trooper though.

Tonight I am going home for a short run and then vegging. The husband and I are LOST watchers and we missed last weeks show, so we have two episodes that we need to catch up on. We are planning on doing that tonight. It sounds so nice to just sit for once.

Of course the big garage sale is also this weekend....I think for the most part, we are READY!

So, I guess as I start year 2 in the blog world surely I'll have more more memories to tell!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Another Busy Week

Seriously, time is flying and I'm finding it hard to get up each morning!

Today my MIL is having double knee replacement surgery. Poor thing. I hope she does okay. My husband just called and she is doing well. We are going to go visit her tomorrow night.

This week we are finishing up the garage sale stuff. We did some pricing last night and got it more organized. In AR this week they are predicting some warm temperatures! 70-80 degrees! I can't wait! So, I'm thinking we should have nice garage sale weather.

Last night I did a short run and I'll do another one tonight....I am starting to click away the runs! WOO Hoo...This marathon is totally here! Oh my, the runs are short and sweet from here on out.

You know that next week all I will talk about is the marathon, so get ready! Not that I haven't been talking about it for the last 6 months but still.

As I mentioned I'm back to counting my points with Weight Watchers. They called me 3 weeks ago and asked me to come back to working for them. I decided I needed the accountability. So far, I'm down about 5 lbs, just from journaling and following the program. Seriously, it works if you work it. I've done every diet known to man kind and finally this one clicked for me. Please remind me of this again when I start wanting to count calories again or stop eating carbs etc!

I thought I'd post a picture of me and the husband today. These last few weeks my patience hasn't been what it needs to be. We are working hard on getting our house in order, I'm running like a maniac, and our schedule, well lets just say we don't have any extra time to really spend together. I can't wait for the marathon to be over so we can enjoy our evenings together!

This was from the best game ever....Arkansas vs. LSU November 2007! What a game......

Okay, I better get going....Duty calls!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My week

Again, I've been so busy with work, training for a marathon, and our spring cleaning tasks.

Last week I ran on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and today. Then each night we took about 1-3 hours working on our attic and cleaning around our house. This Saturday we're doing the garage sale thing. Wow, so exhausting. It'll be worth it though.

Today we did 10 miles. It was 15 degrees and freezing. I thought I was literally gonna freeze to death a few times.
Then after the run, the husband and I along with Dawn and her husband and our friend Brandon went to the Arkansas/Georgia game. It was the 15th anniversary to the 1994 NCAA Basketball Championship. 15 years ago Arkansas beat Duke for the National Championship. SO today, they honored the 1994 team. It was awesome. The arena was packed and the hog callin was loud. Our current team even pulled out a win. They've had a rough season this year.

For those of you from AR, we stopped by for a Whataburger in Russellville. I'm not sure the trip would of been complete without it. It was so yummy. They have the best burgers. It is similar to the Whataburger chains but much better.

We are home now and I'm ready for bed.

This week my schedule is much of the same:
Monday: Run, get ready for garage sale
Tuesday: Run, get ready for garage sale (MIL is always having double knee replacement surgery)
Wednesday: Run, church
Thursday: Visiting MIL
Friday: Getting ready for garage sale
Saturday: Garage Sale and rest
Sunday: 8 mile run

I'm so ready for this training to be over. I'm run down. I am trying to put too many things in my schedule and I just can't get it all in. I'm worn down. Not too mention I also work full time. Wow, I can't imagine training for a marathon and having kids. Whew, I'm not sure I'd make it.

Hopefully this week I'll be able to blog more.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!