Monday, February 2, 2009

Resting from the weekend

I feel like I am finally resting from my busy weekend.

18 miles on Saturday went great! We all met in a town and ran 18 miles together. Afterwards Julie's friend invited us over to soak in her hot tub. Except it wasn't hot it was COLD. See it stays outside and she only heats it when she has company, so the majority of the time it stays cold. So, we put our legs in. Basically thighs down. OH MY GOODNESS it was freezing. Not sure if anyone has tried this, but it feels like sharp pains in your legs. I was the first to jump in. I stayed 1.5 min and then jumped out for about 30 seconds. Then I got back in for about 4 minutes so I got in about 5 total. It was awful, but the good thing was it worked! I had some tightness after I finished the run. That tightness was gone after we did the ice bath.

They say an ice bath for 5 minutes works wonders. I'm a believer!

Yesterday we did the Superbowl party. We were going to stay around the house, but my sister invited us over for Fajitas so we decided to join them.
The game was good....We were rooting for Arizona though...Oh well!

This week I have a taper week...YEAH! We are doing 10 miles for the long run!
It is just gearing us up for the 20 miler I have in 2 weeks!

I'm off to get some work accomplished!


RoxHudson said...

The 18 miles is so impressive Jessica, great job!! Even more impressive is being able to stand an ice bath for 5 minutes! :) I can't believe the marathon is already so close, you're going to kill it with the way you are training so well.

TinaGirl said...

I love that your icebath was in a hot tub. the perfect oxymoron. My ice bath is our local 1mile recreation area where they made a "pool" out of the creek. I walk to the steps, hold my breath and get in as long as I can. Its great during the fall, a little too warm in the summer,and darn near unbearable now and in the spring.

The Lewis's said...

Great job on the 18 miles and the icebath:)

Brandi said...

Great job on the 18 miles! I have one more week till I find out if I'm released or not from the Dr! Let's hope so!!! Yes the ice bath is wonderful! It isn't much fun but all well worth it!