Friday, February 6, 2009

New Shoes

I got new shoes! I finally went and got a pair. I've been trying to hold out for a few months. I want them to stay good for my marathon, so I was trying to push it back as long as possible. I also wanted them soon enough though to break in. With my 20 mile run next weekend, I wanted to make sure I wore them all week for my short runs, then use them for my long run next week.

I am travelling to Fayetteville next weekend to run with Dawn. She and I are starting out by doing the Freezing 10K at 8:00. Then we will just add in the remaining 14 or so miles. We are actually planning on doing more like 22 miles on Saturday. We want to push ourselves just a little farther than 20 to make sure we can handle that last 6 miles during the marathon. As much as reading and research as our trainer has done, she was telling us that after 20, it is all mental. This is basically just to prove we can make it that last 6 miles. Wow, I am going to run 22 miles next weekend!

So all of that being said, I got new shoes. They no longer carry the shoe I normally get. I was wearing the Brooks Radius shoe. I had to go with the Brooks Neutral I think was the name. I like Brooks so I wanted to stick with that brand. I did try on some mizunos and a pair of asics.

This weekend I'm just chillin. Tonight and tomorrow I'm helping my sister. It is homecoming at a local college in our town. My sister works for the college, so I'm going to help her most of the day. Hopefully it will keep me busy and my mind off of mindless eating. I'm making a pact to journal all weekend. I am also making a pact to not eat chocolate this month. Two biggies for me! I can do it though. I did it during Halloween surely I can do it through the month of February!

Oh and I did my long run on Wednesday this week. We just did a 10 miler. It went great. I was so proud to have it over and done with!

Happy Weekend!


Dawn said...

Finally, you got new shoes. I hope they work out well. I am sure they will.

photomama said...

Boy you sure like to challenge yourself. The month of love and no Chocolate?