Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Blogger....

I got a text from a friend yesterday (Brandon). He wanted to know what was a matter with me. My blogs were sounding depresssing and I wan't blogging much anymore.
That being said, I told the husband about what he had said and he agreed! Seriously? So I went back and skimmed my last few blogs. All of which were sort of blah.

I'm just not up to blogging speed these days. I was getting about 200 hits a day, now I see less than 50. I'm just not my bubbly self these days. I'm worn out. This nasty weather is depressing. I think I just have the winter blahs.

I've also been gaining weight...10 lbs to be exact. Not pretty people. When your pants no longer just ease on, you know you have a problem!

So, I'm making a pact to blog happily from here on out. At least till this Marathon is over.

Yesterday I was in Fayetteville for work. When I got home last night, the husband and I ate dinner and watched the movie Fireproof. The message was really good. I would recommend it to any married couple. Kirk Cameron stars in the movie. For the last few days the husband and I have been singing old 80's TV show theme songs. Yes, we are nerds! Facts of Life, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Who's the Boss, etc. Fun times trying to remember those goofy songs!

Looks like the husband and I are heading to Destin again in June. Yippie! I love the beach!

So tonight I plan on running as well as Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Saturday I'll do my 22 miler!
I am ready and looking forward to it.

I have also ordered all my clothing for the marathon. I have it all ready to test out. I am planning on wearing my running pants/skirt combo with a pink undershirt and pink pull over. I'm getting the pull over monogrammed and I need to get that going ASAP. I don't want to wait to long!

I promise to be more of a happy blogger these days!


Brandi said...

Hey girlie I've been in the same slump you have!

No I don't get to actually run for a couple more weeks. He said to take it easy when I do start back as well. :( But he told me to walk until my heart is content! I'm just glad to see the ortho shoe gone! Yay!!

Jen said...

I wouldn't worry too much about being less than perky!! It's definitely that time of year!

Your outfit sounds so cute!!!

Lucas said...

I have been really busy so I haven't been around much but I just want to tell you that if you aren't feeling happy, the trick is to figure out why and make some changes in your life, not just to sound happier on your blog. Gaining 10 pounds is a huge deal for girls like us because it's so easy for us to backslide into bad habits. I'm sure that is part of why you are feeling blah. I'm so glad you are running and training because I think it will keep your head clear. It definately is hard when the sun is absent and the temps are colder, I know it has a huge affect on my mood! Hang in there, pay attention to yourself an your needs and you'll be just fine! :) Sending you hugs!

Teresa said...

Your not the only one. Maybe some of this nice warm weather will help cheer you and your blog up. Good luck to you and Dawn on your run Saturday, not that you need it.

photomama said...

we just watched fireproof this past weekend and loved it too.
I guess I'm a nerd too since I love the theme songs from the 80's shows.