Monday, February 23, 2009

19 days till race

Officially 19 days until the Marathon.

I had a hectic week last week with work, running and just life in general.

The husband and I are using every spare minute we have to work around the house. It is officially spring cleaning time in our home. We are throwing away and also holding some stuff for a giant garage sale. It won't be giant, but it'll be big! I have so much clutter that needs to be thrown away or gotten rid of. We hope to have the garage sale in early April or maybe late March. Our current garage is a horrific. We've been taking all the inside stuff and bagging it up for the sale. We have stuff piled everywhere and our cars literally don't fit. Soon, we'll be kicking the jeep out. Hopefully my car can stay in.

Last week I mostly ran all week, attended our new small group, and cleaned. Saturday we attended the Sunday School Valentine Party. We played the newlywed game and the husband and I did awesome. We got most of the questions right, but we didn't move on to the next round. :(

Yesterday we cleaned and lounged around the house.

I have a big week at work, a Dr.'s appointment today, interview with work tomorrow, plus 3 runs and a very hectic weekend.

This weekend we have a 12 miler and then we basically just have small runs left. Wow, it is so close!

I promise to blog more often....


The Lewis's said...

You have done great getting ready for the marathon Jess!!!

Heather said...

Yeah! The race will be here before you know it, and I know you'll do great!!! All the hard work is behind you, now.
I LOVE a good clean-out!!! makes you feel so productive and organized!!

The Lewis's said...

I tagged you-see my blog.