Monday, February 23, 2009

19 days till race

Officially 19 days until the Marathon.

I had a hectic week last week with work, running and just life in general.

The husband and I are using every spare minute we have to work around the house. It is officially spring cleaning time in our home. We are throwing away and also holding some stuff for a giant garage sale. It won't be giant, but it'll be big! I have so much clutter that needs to be thrown away or gotten rid of. We hope to have the garage sale in early April or maybe late March. Our current garage is a horrific. We've been taking all the inside stuff and bagging it up for the sale. We have stuff piled everywhere and our cars literally don't fit. Soon, we'll be kicking the jeep out. Hopefully my car can stay in.

Last week I mostly ran all week, attended our new small group, and cleaned. Saturday we attended the Sunday School Valentine Party. We played the newlywed game and the husband and I did awesome. We got most of the questions right, but we didn't move on to the next round. :(

Yesterday we cleaned and lounged around the house.

I have a big week at work, a Dr.'s appointment today, interview with work tomorrow, plus 3 runs and a very hectic weekend.

This weekend we have a 12 miler and then we basically just have small runs left. Wow, it is so close!

I promise to blog more often....

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back to Weight Watchers!

I got a call yesterday from WW. They have asked me to come back and lead a meeting. Actually they asked me to lead 2 meetings. I told them I probably better start with 1. I haven't been working for them since November so I need to get acquainted with the new stuff. I am going today to pick up the materials today.
Honestly, I think this is good. I need to have some of that motivation back in my life. It was a nice break and I have loved every second of it. This is a meeting during the day, so it isn't causing any disruptions at night. Honestly, I think this will be better for me.

I am exhausted. I think I'm ready for this marathon to be over. My body seems worn down. I am taking these next 3 weeks to focus on these runs and finish strong. Once this is over my exercise and eating schedule is changing! Fat Loss Mode here I come!

I need to drop these 10 lbs I've gained. I want to be back to a good weight before the husband and I start a family.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Long Run and Spring Cleaning

26 days until the Marathon! Wow, 26 days.

Here is my recap from Saturday!

After arriving on Friday night Dawn, myself and Julie decided what better way to being the race then starting at the same time as we would for the marathon. So, we hit the streets at 6:30. We were a little late, but heck, I was thrilled we got going that early! We ran for about 6 miles then started towards the beginning of the Freezing 10K. We actually arrived about 2-3 minutes after the start time because we had to pee. The 10K went great, but if you know NWAR and Fayetteville, then you know they have HILLS! Not just gradual inclines but HILLS! It went well, but some were steep and honestly, it scared me. I didn't want to pop my knee out or do something funky so I took them S-L-O-W! After crossing the finish line it was a mad dash back to the port of pottys, a quick bite of some grub for race finishers and we were off again. I had a cinnamon bagel (1/2 of one) and it was oh my goodness to DIE FOR!!!!! So yummy! Each time we stopped for more than a fuel, we stopped the clock, so we actually went for a while longer than 4 hours and 45 minutes!

The last 2 miles I struggled. I was just worn out. I didn't sleep great the night before and my body was just running on fumes. I fueled again with a nutigrain bar and that helped, honestly, by about mile 15 I need food and not gels. I pushed on and we finished. We walked about 1 mile afterwards just to cool down. I am figuring we did close to 21 miles in the end. I would rate this run probably an 8! Except for the fatigue at the end, I felt fantastic. I think that is normal though..anyone running 20 miles is going to feel tired by that point. Throw in a few massive hills and you'll for sure feel tired! So, that was our longest run yet! I am so proud of us. We did great!

Yesterday the husband and I got productive. After church and lunch at my mom's we decided to clean up around the house. Honestly we cleaned one room from TOP to BOTTOM. We are trying to take one room at a time and just throw junk away. We are trying to get our house is better shape and it needs it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Shooting for 22

This weekend we are suppose to do 20 miles. Our thinking is we might go a few over just to make sure we can handle 26. Our running schedule after Saturday is a breeze and honestly that scares me a little. We are right at 1 month away from the marathon and I feel like we need to push on and do one more long run before tapering down. Dawn and I have been tentatively talking about maybe doing 20-22 this weekend, dropping back down to 10-12 next weekend and maybe upping it to 14-15 the next. Then we'll really start tapering back before the marathon. That will roughly give us 2 weeks to taper off in prep for March 15.

We will see. I'm going to Fayetteville tonight. We are going to have a nice carby dinner and get to bed early. Then the three of us will head towards downtown. First though, we are doing the Freezing 10K. It will just be incorporated in our 22. That will be nice to knock out 6 miles of scenery and people hooting and hollering at you. Not too mention tshirts, goodies, etc. I love races!

This is a picture from the race. I don't know any of these people, but you can see some are dressed warm and some aren't. It is going to be chilly in the morning, but I think the high is 50ish, so that won't be bad.

After the race is over we'll pick up and continue on. I have all my gels ready. I've been using GU lately just to try something different. I've liked it so far. I'm also going to have a snack during the last 5 miles of something besides gels. By that time, I'm tired, and HUNGRY! So, I'll do some type of breakfast bar or fig newtons.
I am also trying Advocare tomorrow to drink while on the run. My friend Dawn has been using it and she recommends it, so I'm giving it a shot. I've just heard so many bad things about gatorade.

After the run is over, we'll probably hit up Quiznos for a salad. We did that last time and it was SOO yummy. It comes with a piece of flatbread. It was so good, and sort of on the healthy side. Then myself, Julie and the husband will travel back. It'll make for a long day, but well worth it.

Okay, I better get off here and get some work accomplished!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Late night post before bed

I Know I'm about 12 hours later than normal, but today was just not the day for blogging. I had a killer day at work and time just didn't allow.

I think I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but the husband and I are attending a new church. We've been looking for about 2 years now. I think we finally found the one! SO tonight we attended a new small group. We are studying Andy Stanley's-"Taking it to the Limit". Tonight we talked about Margins. It was excellent!

Before church though I wanted to get a workout in, so I did some work at home. I did some upper body work as well as some ab exercises. Yep, I did some ST at home before we went. It actually went very well. I felt very pleased I did a quick warm up and then followed that by the upper body and ab stuff. Love it! I need it!

I am gearing up for Saturday's run as we speak. I need lots of water these next few days and some good healthy carbs. Nothing too drastic, but a nice potato with dinner or some whole wheat pasta...something good and full of carbs.

I'm off to bed now.....I need my beauty sleep.

It is almost Thursday....WOOHOO for almost the weekend!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Blogger....

I got a text from a friend yesterday (Brandon). He wanted to know what was a matter with me. My blogs were sounding depresssing and I wan't blogging much anymore.
That being said, I told the husband about what he had said and he agreed! Seriously? So I went back and skimmed my last few blogs. All of which were sort of blah.

I'm just not up to blogging speed these days. I was getting about 200 hits a day, now I see less than 50. I'm just not my bubbly self these days. I'm worn out. This nasty weather is depressing. I think I just have the winter blahs.

I've also been gaining weight...10 lbs to be exact. Not pretty people. When your pants no longer just ease on, you know you have a problem!

So, I'm making a pact to blog happily from here on out. At least till this Marathon is over.

Yesterday I was in Fayetteville for work. When I got home last night, the husband and I ate dinner and watched the movie Fireproof. The message was really good. I would recommend it to any married couple. Kirk Cameron stars in the movie. For the last few days the husband and I have been singing old 80's TV show theme songs. Yes, we are nerds! Facts of Life, Growing Pains, Family Ties, Who's the Boss, etc. Fun times trying to remember those goofy songs!

Looks like the husband and I are heading to Destin again in June. Yippie! I love the beach!

So tonight I plan on running as well as Wednesday and Thursday. Then on Saturday I'll do my 22 miler!
I am ready and looking forward to it.

I have also ordered all my clothing for the marathon. I have it all ready to test out. I am planning on wearing my running pants/skirt combo with a pink undershirt and pink pull over. I'm getting the pull over monogrammed and I need to get that going ASAP. I don't want to wait to long!

I promise to be more of a happy blogger these days!

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Shoes

I got new shoes! I finally went and got a pair. I've been trying to hold out for a few months. I want them to stay good for my marathon, so I was trying to push it back as long as possible. I also wanted them soon enough though to break in. With my 20 mile run next weekend, I wanted to make sure I wore them all week for my short runs, then use them for my long run next week.

I am travelling to Fayetteville next weekend to run with Dawn. She and I are starting out by doing the Freezing 10K at 8:00. Then we will just add in the remaining 14 or so miles. We are actually planning on doing more like 22 miles on Saturday. We want to push ourselves just a little farther than 20 to make sure we can handle that last 6 miles during the marathon. As much as reading and research as our trainer has done, she was telling us that after 20, it is all mental. This is basically just to prove we can make it that last 6 miles. Wow, I am going to run 22 miles next weekend!

So all of that being said, I got new shoes. They no longer carry the shoe I normally get. I was wearing the Brooks Radius shoe. I had to go with the Brooks Neutral I think was the name. I like Brooks so I wanted to stick with that brand. I did try on some mizunos and a pair of asics.

This weekend I'm just chillin. Tonight and tomorrow I'm helping my sister. It is homecoming at a local college in our town. My sister works for the college, so I'm going to help her most of the day. Hopefully it will keep me busy and my mind off of mindless eating. I'm making a pact to journal all weekend. I am also making a pact to not eat chocolate this month. Two biggies for me! I can do it though. I did it during Halloween surely I can do it through the month of February!

Oh and I did my long run on Wednesday this week. We just did a 10 miler. It went great. I was so proud to have it over and done with!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nothing new to report

I haven't been feeling very bloggy lately. Nothing much new to report with me. I feel like I say the same things every time I post.

This week the long run is 10 miles and I'm doing it tonight after work. I want a weekend off so I'm doing it early this week.

This weekend we don't have any plans. For once I'm staying home! YEAH for being at home for a weekend. I'm actually looking forward to sleeping in with no alarm. Then on Sunday we'll do church. We've been visiting a new church for about 3-4 months. We really like it. We've been attending Sunday School on Sunday and like that also. I'm meeting new people left and right! We've been gun shy about getting involved because we haven't had great experiences the last few years. Honestly, I knew we needed to, it just wasn't the right time for us. That being said, we are liking it so far. Good news!

So that's all that is new with me. Still running and still eating carbs. I'm looking forward to after the marathon when I can cut out the carbs and start dropping a little weight! I need to lose about 10 lbs to get back down to my ideal weight.

Okay, I better hop off and get some work accomplished. Happy Wednesday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Resting from the weekend

I feel like I am finally resting from my busy weekend.

18 miles on Saturday went great! We all met in a town and ran 18 miles together. Afterwards Julie's friend invited us over to soak in her hot tub. Except it wasn't hot it was COLD. See it stays outside and she only heats it when she has company, so the majority of the time it stays cold. So, we put our legs in. Basically thighs down. OH MY GOODNESS it was freezing. Not sure if anyone has tried this, but it feels like sharp pains in your legs. I was the first to jump in. I stayed 1.5 min and then jumped out for about 30 seconds. Then I got back in for about 4 minutes so I got in about 5 total. It was awful, but the good thing was it worked! I had some tightness after I finished the run. That tightness was gone after we did the ice bath.

They say an ice bath for 5 minutes works wonders. I'm a believer!

Yesterday we did the Superbowl party. We were going to stay around the house, but my sister invited us over for Fajitas so we decided to join them.
The game was good....We were rooting for Arizona though...Oh well!

This week I have a taper week...YEAH! We are doing 10 miles for the long run!
It is just gearing us up for the 20 miler I have in 2 weeks!

I'm off to get some work accomplished!