Friday, January 23, 2009

Race Review

Here are some pictures from the Half Marathon!

This was Sunday morning before the race. We're fueling up with a good breakfast before the run. Corinne, Jane, Trish, Me, Becca and Paula (Maggie was also with us, but she wasn't in this picture)

I got these pictures from friends and also facebook so they vary in size. Here we are before the race began in the Hotel Lobby! Did I mention it was 70+ degrees during the race. Notice the shorts/skirts! Maggie, Paula, Brooke, Corinne, Becca, Trish, Jane, and Jessica

Me before the race began..honestly, I think this is us waiting in line at the bathrooms! We also had to wait about an hour for our corral to finally begin!

After the race....Corinne, Becca, Trish, Paula, Maggie, Jane and Jessica

Here we are before going out that night. Trish, Jessica, Brooke, Jane, Paula, Corinne, Becca and Maggie.

This is Becca and I....This was her first Half Marathon! Go Becca!

These are just a few of the pictures I have...I may post more later!

This weekend I'm doing 16 miles! Will post about that on Monday! Happy Weekend!


Dawn said...

Looks like you had a grand time. Sorry I had to miss it.

Amy said...

Way to go!!

You are soo pretty! :)