Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here but swamped

I'm around. I had such a crazy stressful week last week that I was glad when Monday rolled around. Then yesterday I came in to 6 deadlines this week. Yes, 6! I also have a big work function on Thursday evening to attend, plan, prepare, etc.
My schedule is booked solid this week.

Last night I did a short run when i got home, showered, cooked dinner and played rock back with my nephews. Tonight I just have a run planned. Tomorrow night I have sushi out with my sister and husband and then (sort of big news)....My husband and I are meeting with a Realtor. We have found a house that peeked our interest. It is an older home in a well established neighborhood. Oh, and in a good school district for future kiddos. So, Wednesday we are going to look at the house and see what we think. We are also meeting to discuss our current home. See what they are going for, competition, etc.
Then Thursday I have the work function I mentioned. We are entertaining close to 200 people in this tiny restaurant. Help us!
Friday I'm working, but maybe only half day. I'll work my fair share this week trust me.
Saturday I leave for Phoenix and Sunday I run my 5th half marathon!

Wow, I'm exhausted typing all that!

My food is going good. I'm eating around 1700 cals and so far I haven' t been hungry. I'm eating smaller meals 6 times a day at 200-300 each. So far it is working. I was down 2 lbs last week and I'm shooting for 1 lb this week. With travelling and my crazy work schedule who even knows.
Todays food:
B2-1 whole wheat tortilla, 1 egg, 1 egg white, spinach, onions and 1 turkey sausage patty (yum)
S-1 cheese stick, 1 oz. pretzels
L-Veggie soup, 1 wheat roll
S-1 whole wheat pita, hummus, smear of avocado, loaded with veggies (Awesome)
D-1 taco on whole wheat tortilla, side of rice

I'm off to work on my 6 deadlines one of which is ready! Woot! Only 5 to go!


Jen said...

That is super exciting news about a possible change of residence!!!! I hope you hear lots of good news!!!

Sounds like you will need a bit of a break come Friday!!!! Good luck!!!

Brandi said...

Good luck on the house! Maybe it will all work out! We would love to move right now! We have outgrown our little home! I'm still out for training. I go to see a podiatrist next week and hopefully will get the verdict on my marathon training. I at least want the ok to do some biking or something. I hate not doing anything at all.

Good luck on the 1/2 marathon this weekend!!!