Monday, January 26, 2009

Darn Scale

By the title of my post, I'm sure your realized my frustration! I am busting tale, running 25+ miles a week, eating good, and still, my scale just loves to play mind games with me! :(
My trainer did a post on this today and included me in the post. I know it is several things that have to be causing the water, but I sure hope it goes away soon! Here is her blog today.

Our 16 miler this weekend went fantastic! About mile 14-15, I started feeling very tired. The temps were high 30's. Cold for us people in Arkansas. We had already been going 3 hours at this point, so we were run down. I honestly think it was a mixture of several things. One I ran a 1/2 marathon less than we week before this run, I also didn't get much sleep on that trip, and I spent several days travelling, off my normal routine and I lacked some water at the beginning of the week. I did eat good all week but I think the above was just seriously one reason I seemed to suffer during those last few miles. About mile 14.5 we fueled again and made it just fine. I was glad I had another fuel.

I also tried a few things differently this week. For one, I used all Hammer Gels while fueling. I often times get a little cramping in my stomach, or indigestion from the fuels during the runs. I had no problems at all. This next weekend we are going to try HEED or Perpetuem to see how those drinks go. They are easy on the tummy. I used all water on this run. We are just trying to get some things narrowed down as we prep for this marathon.

One bad thing is we used 5 gels on Saturday...Yes, I said 5. We started with one and then fueled ever 45 min. after. I'm gonna have to buy stock in Hammer gels if I don't watch it! I know my local store is loving me right about now.

Overall though, it was a great run. I felt fantastic that evening and great yesterday. I was carb hungry yesterday, but I still ate good clean ones.

Arkansas is expecting bad weather! We live and work in different towns about 45 minutes from each other. The city we live in is listed under the sleet/ice area, but the city I work in isn't. So, this morning the husband and I gathered up a suitcase for a few days. We are going to stay with some friends for the next couple of days if need be.
I did pack my running shoes and clothes so I can maybe hit the streets/treadmill while I'm here. I must keep up my training as best I can.

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carla said...

how did I not realize thats your trainer? very cool.

for you both!