Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Catch up time...

Wow, I'm sorry I haven't posted since Friday. Let me tell you my week last week was so hectic and this week is much of the same.

The race was great! It started at 8:00 but with the corral we were in and the wave start, it took forever to get going. I bet we didn't start until 9:15 or so. I slowed my pace down to a 13 min mile. This is the pace we are planning on running the marathon at. We figure if we slow it down we'll have more of a chance at finishing! We finished the half in 3:12 I believe.

It got rather crazy at several spots in the race. We constantly had people with us all along the route. Normally in the back corrals it is walkers so you weed out quickly. Not this race. We had people going with us the entire time. Makes me wonder if some people started in the wrong corral or something. Anyhow, we did fantastic. We only stopped 1 time to pee. That was good for us, seeing as in Memphis we stopped 5 or more! Fueling went great, run was fantastic, and afterwards, I was ready to crank out at least 5-7 more miles. For me this is great news. Honestly, I often worry that after I finish the half in LR, I'll be ready to stop. After this run on Sunday, I was ready to continue on for a while longer.
26.2 miles is definitely doable!

I didn't take a camera to Phoenix, but several of the others did. Once they post those, I'll follow up with some good shots from the trip.

I forgot to mention also...the weather was warm...75 degrees or more! That's a change from my normal 40 ish temps in Arkansas!

Overall, my 5th half was awesome. Loved every minute of it!

We are quickly approaching the full. We are down to less than 8 weeks. I was figuring out this morning that my long runs are getting long, but soon, we'll start tapering down. I'm really excited to be running this race. I'm running with at least two of my friends the ENTIRE run, and then a few are going to run the relay with us also. Each time the relay picks up, we get a new running partner! Our last legs we will have our friend Jane! I call her the endurance QUEEN because she is so knowledgeable in the field of endurance and training and fueling! I'll post a picture of us on my blog once I get the pics up. She ran Phoenix also!

I must get going...BBL to post some pictures!


Carrie said...

Great job on your 5th half!! You are so inspiring!! I have some questions for you about training if you have time to answer them...I know you are one busy lady!! I am in no hurry...but if you have time I'd appreciate it!! my email is cviel21 at GREAT WORK!!

Lucas said...

Congratulations Jessica! You are so inspiring! I have yet to give a half a try but my sister is pestering me so this may be the summer I start training for one. Yikes! :)