Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Awesome ending to a great first day

Yesterday was just awesome. I stuck to my plan. No cheating, no little bites of this and that. NOTHING. I stayed true to my plan.

I also did an awesome Marathon full body strength training workout last night. It was great. It was full of ab work, some leg work, and a few upper body things. It worked great for me. I don't want to do too much leg stuff only because my legs are taking a HUGE beating with all the running. Running long distances alone is hard and when you add in ST, it can be tough. I was proud to say I got a great workout in last night.

On Saturday's 16 miler my back was a little sore when we finished. I know this is because I need to strengthen my core area. So, last night during my workout we had active rests after each superset. Those active rests were all abs baby! Planks, crunches, etc. I did them all and honestly, I am so proud of myself. That was the first ST routine I've done in a while. I've been doing a little lifting/ab work but not a FULL BLOWN OUT ROUTINE.

Like I said, yesterday = Success for me!

My goals today are a 4 mile run, no bites, licks or tastes of anything not on the plan, and also 200 oz of water.
Yesterday I got in about 160 and today I'd like to shoot closer to 200.

Last week Kelly posted about her dad doing a daily devotional website. I checked it out and have been reading each morning. It is so refreshing! Please check it out. I feel like it gets my day going in the right way. I even put his page as my homepage so I wouldn't forget to look at it daily! Also, Kelly is getting ready to have a baby any day now!!!!
Kelly is from Arkansas also.... Not too mention a HUGE hog fan! GO HOGS! We play TX tonight...our biggest RIVAL! I hope we can stay with them! We were able to hold steady with Oklahoma.....Come on Hogs!

Off to get some work accomplished. I meet with my Marketing Advisor today! UGH!

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Brandi said...

Hope you didn't mind me giving her your number. She was wondering if you were going to run tonight so I gave it to her. :D You guys have fun! I will miss you guys! :( Hopefully they get this foot figured out and get me diagnosed!