Friday, January 30, 2009

18 miles and the superbowl!

Wow, busy weekend ahead!

Tonight I'm going to my inlaws. My FIL turned 84 last week so we are going for a visit. Then tomorrow I'm heading out for 18 miles....Our longest yet. I'm good with it. I can do it. Last weeks went well so I know I can manage this week. My only concern is I am a little under the weather, I haven't been running like I should and my eating hasn't been stellar. Oh well! I guess we'll hope for the best.

I hope to try out some new running capris I got. These!
It has a built in skirt. I think this is what I want to wear during the marathon and I need to start giving them a try. Will see though. I don't know what the weather is going to be like. Last I heard it was a high of around 55. With the crazy weather we've been having I won't know for sure until tomorrow.

I have also got to get new running shoes. Mine are on the last leg! Ha! I must get a new pair and break them in before the marathon. I can't believe it, but our marathon is quickly approaching. We are at a countdown of 43 days! WOW, that is a little more than a month. I have two more REALLY long runs left and then it will be smooth sailing till the big day!

I've also got my running clothes ordered. I am running with two other ladies, so we went with matching jackets and undershirts! We got those ordered and now I need to have mine monogrammed! I am going all out for this marathon!

So Saturday I'll run and then Sunday we'll watch the Superbowl! We are going to do pizza I think. Healthier pizza!

Have a super weekend!

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