Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thoughts on the Full Marathon

Today at PNP I started a new journal. We have about 90+ days until this full marathon and I want to document it all in one place. I've been doing a journal, but I have opted to start one that will last the entire 14 weeks vs. month by month.

As I was opening up my journal, I started it by making a list of what I need to do for this training:
I embark on this journey I really want to do the following:
1. Train properly! SLOW DOWN! I feel like it is a race to cross that line. It is a race, but not that kind. I need to stop being so competitive and just relax. I am doing this for me, not for a time.
2. Follow my scheduled menus of eating. I will be consuming 2100-2500 cals depending on the running days. WOWZERS. I don't eat this much ever! This is going to be a huge change for me. 3. Stay hydrated. My goal is 2 gallons a day, but I would love to hit about 200 oz a day. I can do it, but it will take constant reminders on my desk, phone, etc to get it in.
4. Stay well! I am already popping the vitamins, but I need to continue my nightly regimen.
5. Stretch each, what difference a good stretch makes.
6. Sleep. I need plenty of sleep. Meaning less time parked in front of the TV and calling it a night early.
7. Not neglect the husband. He is my #1 supporter. I want to feel energized and rested on the weekends when we spend the most of our time together. Working a full time job and training for a marathon won't be easy, but gosh, what if I had kids! WOW !YOU GO DAWN AND CORINNE!
8. Lastly, I want to have fun! This is an unbelievable experience that I never want to forget.

So, here it is.....My plan for the next 14 weeks!

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TinaGirl said...

These are all great goal and attainable too. The journal made a huge difference to me especially when I was having trouble staying focused and got tired of eating... AHHH.... that was the hard part for me. Good luck to you, what a feeling it is to cross that finish line and what a journey it is get there.