Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Smokey and the Bandit...

I know, crazy post.

Did you know that back a few months ago that Jerry Reed died. You know "Snowman" from the movie Smokey and the Bandit. Anyhow, my husband got word of this back in September so we decided to download the "East Bound and Down" song. We've listened to it every now and then, because honestly, it's a funny song. We drove at lot going East this past fall with football so it became our "theme" song. Plus Brandon is from Texarkana, so it just fit!
During the course of all this, I told the husband I had never really seen the movie before. We joked about renting it, we even looked on the TV guide to see if it was playing, etc. On Saturday, the husband ran into Target and found it on sale so he picked it up.

Last night we watched the movie. It's a cheesy movie, but well worth the entertainment. Especially Sally Field and Burt Reynolds. They're sort of lame in a few parts! :)

So, check it out.....You'll at least get a good laugh.

Last night I did 3 miles to sort of get back into the swing of things. I'm going to try and join the running group tonight for a 4 miler. If not, I'll do it on my own.


carla said...

I love that movie.

but then again I am sorta lame as well :)

in a fun way I hope.


Uncle Brandon said...

"And there's beer in Texarkana"

TinaGirl said...

I love that movie

but then again I am sorta lame as well:)

Hey Miz, I'm attemting to flatter you! I do love this movie and I am kinda lame so maybe Miz and I are related!

I'm not sure about the fun part though. I couldn't be as fun as Miz or as you Jess so I'll just wish I was and go watch a little smokey and the bandit!