Monday, December 8, 2008

Race weekend wrap up

My race went very well. We arrived in Memphis on Friday afternoon. We spent that time shopping at the expo and just wondering around. That evening we loaded up on carbs and crashed early.

Saturday morning we woke up early because the race started at 8. The weather was good but really COLD. I could of used more clothing. I decided to run with friends on this race. Many of those friends were running a half for the first time. So fun! It was awesome seeing them cross that finish line! We finished in about 3:30 or so. I basically walked the entire race, although I did throw in some running at times. It is crazy how different I feel after this race in comparison to others. My quads are killing me! I am still sore today.
It was so much fun though. We danced at one mile marker with a band. We took photos along the route with Santa's, Elvis, and then funny signs we would see! It was just a great time. A very memorable experience. We also made it a point to hit up every potty we saw. For some reason I was really hydrated and had to pee along the route about 4 times. So strange for me. I never use the restroom during a race.

I didn't take any pictures, someone else did. I will get those posted once I see them. So pictures will be posted probably this afternoon or tomorrow.

I am also considering doing the Phoenix 1/2 in January. Our group at PNP is planning on running it and if I can find a cheap flight I might just join them. I plan on making that decision this week.

Yesterday on our drive home Dawn and I worked on our marathon running schedule. We think we can run together on the longer runs by her coming to central Arkansas and then me heading to north Arkansas. We visit her area often for Razorback games so it should work out great.

March 15 is the big day! I guess I can finally say I am training for a FULL MARATHON!


Kelly said...

Hi Jessica! I am running the Phoenix half in January...but I live in Arizona so it's easy. Hope you get a good flight..I hear that the race is a blast!!!

Jen said...

Sounds like you had a great time!!!

WOOHOO for a full Marathon!!!

Brandi said...

Sounds like you guys had a great time!! I can't wait to see pictures! I got up to run Saturday morning and just did 4 miles with the half group. My body is still not back in full force. I'm going to try to run 2moro night though!

Carrie said...

GREAT JOB!! You rock! I am starting training for a half in January and I am going to do the Galloway Method like you I think. I looked into it and have ran 4:1 at the gym the last 2 times I was there before my surgery and it was great! Time flew and my knees didn't hurt me the next day anywhere near the way they usually do! Plus I convinced a girlfriend of mine to do the half with my husband and I. I can't wait!