Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures from the Race!

Sorry for the delay in today's post. I have been so busy at work.
I have so many to share....bare with me!

Jane, Corinne, Roxane, Dawn, and Jessica

The group with Elvis: Jessica, Dawn, Jane, Mary, Elvis and Corinne

At Mile 4, Autumn's fiance met us with a huge sign. Jessica, Corinne, Dave, Autumns Mom, Dawn, Mary and then Tim in the background. Tim is Mary's husband! They ran it together!

Corinne, Jess and Dawn dancing along the race...Yes, we were dancing!

Corinne, Dawn, Jane, Mary and Jess-This is the marathon route but it was part of our route also. We had to stop for a funny picture!

Elvis 1, Jess, Mary, Elvis 2, Dawn, Corinne and Jane-After Race photo!

This is our going out photo: Jane, Jess, Roxane, Corinne, Autumn, Mary, Dawn and Lorie

Fun was had by all! I may post more of our going out photos later once I get those! Thanks Jane for being the camera girl. She carried it along the race route for photo opportunities!