Friday, December 5, 2008

Off to Memphis

I am heading out around noon for Memphis.

I am excited about the run. I am running with several of my Phit and Phat friends. We've been training and talking about this run since July. Wow, that was several months ago. This will be my 4th half. I am running with others this time. No time, no goal, no pushing myself beyond my limits, nothing! I'm going to run for fun and enjoy every darn second of it.

I sure hope I have everything I need. Nothing like leaving town and forgetting the most important stuff. On our way in this morning I realized I forgot my drivers license, so we had to turn around and go back home. UGH! We were about 15 minutes into the trip also! Oh well, the husband was a good sport and we turned around. That was important for picking up my packet and for our "after party".

Our plans are to visit the expo today, eat a good carb dinner tonight, run in the morning and party on Saturday night. I'll be back home around 1-2 on Sunday. Still time to relax before Monday hits again.

Good luck to anyone else racing this weekend....bundle up!


Jen said...

OOH good luck!! and have FUN!!!

Teresa said...

I'm cheering you on. Enjoy.

The Lewis's said...

Good Luck girls!!!!!!!

Candace MacPherson said...

Hi Jessica - Good luck in the race. I'll think about ya'll this weekend.

SuperDave said...

Good luck and have fun!
Bundle up. It is going to be chilly!

TinaGirl said...

Good luck hon! stay safe and have a good time. I'll be thinking about you.

carla said...