Thursday, December 4, 2008

My thumb is killing me....

Last night I got started on my Christmas Cards. Notice I said "started". Every year I pick one out and each year it gets more and more detailed! Why do I do this to myself? I swear by the time we cut the paper, stamp a background, then emboss the red bird I am doing, then glue it all on the card, it takes FOREVER. I am using 3 types of card stock one for the card, and two for backgrounds, so as you can see it isn't fun cutting perfectly to fit the size, stamping the backgrounds, lining it all up. I swear I'm crazy. Oh, well, it is fun and I do enjoy it.

So last night I decided to tackle little sections. My sister Jen came over and helped me get started and literally started is about how far I got. I worked form 6-9 and literally only 1 card is completely finished! I will post pictures of it when I'm done, but not until then. We got all the paper cut and I got the background wall paper stamped on each card. I also got a few other things when it came to the bird, but that is all. I should of taken a picture of my kitchen table. It is a mess! My OCD husband is of course LOVING IT!
The reason the thumb is sore...I stamped all night and I put pressure on the poor little guy.

I also need to give a few props to the husband. He was my photographer for the 5K on Tuesday. He called me out on it yesterday, so I wanted to give a big thanks to the husband for taking all my photos and supporting me like he does. He did stand out in the freezing cold to take my hat, gloves, and pull over after I was burning up at lap 1 and 2 and he also took lots of pictures along the way. You rock! I love having a husband that supports me.

So enough about Christmas Cards, I have my half in a few short days. My eating is just plain sucking right now. I am just eating whatever my little heart desires! I must start drinking my water today. I need to be getting back on that 2 gallons a day thing. Although I do find that somewhat excessive. Heck right now I need to get in 64 oz.

Tonight I have a haircut and highlight....I am making some Christmas ornaments, I should probably do a few Christmas Cards, I also need to pack my bags, etc. I've tons to do in a short amount of time. The marathon hair appointment of 2 hours will leave me with little time to do the rest!


Dawn said...

Daniel is a peach that is for sure. He is always the picture taker and the stuff holder and the dropper and picker upper. What would we do without him.

Girl, you are an overachiever on the cards. HA

I have so much to get done also. Thank goodness my hair cut will only take 20 minutes and not 2 hours. I am getting off work early to get some stuff done so that will help.

I will see ya at noon tomorrow and we are MEMPHIS BOUND!! WOOT!

Jen said...

My Christmas cards are taking over my life!!!! I am working on them every spare minute I get and frankly it sucks...I can't wait for this batch to be done...and then the next two weekends will be spent making the ones for the people I will HAND them out to (I have only finished the mailing ones so far!!!)

Your husband is an absolutely sweetheart!!

photomama said...

Iused to make my cards and I just got bored with it and so now I do photo cards and I get to show off my kids.