Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ice in Arkansas

We had a giant ice storm last night. It wasn't giant, but more than we ever get. I got the day off! SWEET!
It it totally messing with me though. I don't have a treadmill so all my running is done outdoors or inside at the rec center. Well, I couldn't get it in for the last two days. I'm almost going stir crazy. I need to get out and run! I did do some strength training today though and I feel good about that.

Tonight is BL and I can't wait! I am watching it now in fact. Alison is preggo and looks so cute. I love live TV though, it cracks me up. So many little mistakes, like Heba almost busting her tale!

WOW, I am watching and Stacy looks phenomenal, Amy and Shellay..WOW, I love it, they look so beautiful. I just love this show. It is amazing what hard work can do for your body! Even Colleen and her dad. Amy rocked that weigh in!

Phil and Amy look wonderful. Yeehaw on Phil's jeans! That red dress of Amy's was gorgeous. Brady looked okay, he isn't my favorite, but he has still lost tons of weight. Renee looked great also. I think Michelle has this contest in the bag! I sure hope so. We can't let Vicky win!

Oh my, Heba is about to step on the scale. Can she beat Amy?! I hope not, I want Amy to win that $100,000 prize. I will admit, that Heba looks wonderful, but I just like Amy more. Heba doesn't even look like the same girl. Her face even looks different. Dang commercials! I think Amy can win...Come on Amy!

She has to lose more than 134 lbs. She did it...DANG! Only by 4 lbs! She does look good though. But man I really wanted Amy to win!

I loved that dress that Heba was wearing when she and Ed came to the Wecome Home Party. I loved it. I love the color orange. I swear if I was on this show and my friends were eating greasy hamburgers and chips and chocolate cake in front of me, I would kill them. Seriously! So wrong.
Okay, I'm gonna go watch! I'll come back later with more I'm sure! Every time we have a commercial I'll have to post my thoughts.

Vicky's homecoming is on...she just really irritates me. She does look good, but she still makes me sick. I can't forget all the ugly things she has said all season. WOW, she wakes up at 4:00 am. It is sad that she never saw her kids while she did this. She needs to work out a better schedule, how sad. Of course it looks like she doesn't have a choice. She only lost 2 lbs in 7 weeks. I so feel her pain!

So, they saved the best one for last! Michelle!
Does anyone else think that Michelle's dad looks like Mr. Clean? She looked so good during the homecoming. I am really happy she and her mom got a relationship back. They need that. I also like Renee's hair better longer, but that is just my opinion.
Look at her teaching her family how to eat Subway. Some days she works out for 4 hours! 4 hours! I loved that she said she knows she can beat them! Woot, go Michelle!

Here they come! Ed does look good, but I think he can be beat! Does anyone think Ed's shirt looked tight, like too tight?
Vicky, Oh my goodness she looked great in that purple dress and her boobs pushed up! She totally can't walk in heels...Oh my....Too funny! Okay, you work out all day everyday, can't you practice in heels? Come on!
She does look good, but she also needs a new hairdo.....CUT that hair. Was she drunk? Totally acting weird during her interview with Alison!

Come on Michelle...WOOT, sexy in that red dress, I love it! She looks fantastic...And Bob helped her walk across the stage. How sweet! I think she can win! I am so glad she didn't walk away from the show. She looks great! Her face is so thin. She surrendered and the weight fell off? Hmm...maybe she is right! Maybe I should take a few lessons.

Okay, go Michelle!

Sweet a new season starts on January 6. That is awesome!

I love when Ed wants to give up at the beginning of the season and Heba tells him that he can't give up she says something like..."Today is Tomorrow". She is so right, she wouldn't let him give up.
Ed is weighing first. He lost 139 lbs..WOW, that is a person! I don't weigh too much more than that! He lost a normal average size person.

Commercial break...I really want that Cool Pix camera that Ashton Kutcher is showing in that commercial. I may need to look into that camera.

Okay, we are back and Vicky is next!
Vicky has to lose more than 102 lbs. Can she do it? She didn't! She lost 101 lbs! I am really happy for Vicky, but so glad she didn't win it all!

Michelle is next....She has to lose more than 100 lbs...she's got that in the bag! She is finally about to weigh! She lost 110 lbs...GO Michelle, the next Biggest Loser!

Great, Great, Great, Show! Can't wait till January 6!

Will be back to daily blogging tomorrow! We won't be in normal time though, all this ice is going to freeze again, so we'll probably be sliding in tomorrow morning! :(


Jen said...

Wasn't that a fantastic episode??? I agree that I am glad Michelle won!!! I do wish that Amy had won the 100 k though...she looked AMAZING!!! and 124??? Seriously! She looked fantastic!!!! I am not a Heba fan, and apparently neither was 84% of America!!!

photomama said...

I am soooooo glad vicky did not win. I was wishing aimee would get it instead of Heba because her attitude was so selfish. but even if she were in the final three she would not have beat michelle. Michelle had her by .2 percent. Woo Hoo.

Dawn said...

Jess OMG you crack me up. You gave the BL play by play!! It was so GREAT!!! AMAZING REALLY!! I coudl not get over how awesome they looked. So happy for Michelle and that she did it.

Brandi said...

Yes the show was FABULOUS!! Loved it! We screamed and cheered when Michelle won!! I can't wait for the new season January 6th!!! Woo whoo!!! Oh hey we are running tonight at 6:45 if you want to join. :D

Liz said...

I live in HAwaii and I started to read your blog but I had to stop so I didn't see the winner! :)

I am so happy that Michelle won! I would of been very mad if Vicki did....she was there for all the wrong reasons...but she does look good. I hope she is able to keep the weight off!

SuperDave said...

This was a funny post. I was at the gym running when it cam on last night. I didn't get watch the whole thing, but your post summed it up better. LOL!

Anonymous said...