Monday, December 22, 2008

Feeling good...

I am feeling really good after my 14 mile run on Saturday. We got the run started around 11:00 on Saturday morning with a temperature around 50 degrees. It was windy in a few spots but by the end of the run, the temps were dropping fast. I figure it was more like 40 when we finished. We were getting cold towards the end.
Dawn and I finished in about 2:45. We are slowing our pace down for several reasons. One is we feel like we need to save our energy for 26 miles. We also want to run with another gal who has a slightly slower pace than we do. Lastly, I'm thinking some of my sickness episodes in weeks past were from pushing myself beyond my limits. Since slowing things down, I've felt great after these long runs.

We did it though...our longest distance yet. After it was over, we both commented that we knew we could go on farther. Yipee....14 miles down, only 12 to go!
I have a hectic schedule this week.
Tonight: Celebrating the husband's birthday
Tomorrow: His birthday plus I'm helping my sister with a Christmas function
Wednesday: Christmas Eve at inlaws
Thursday: All day Christmas at my parents
Friday: Nothing except work

My exercise schedule will be off this week for sure. So many obligations. I'll get it done, but it will be all over the place.

I am working all week. I opted to work. I posted on facebook that I was slightly devastated that I had to work all week when everyone I know is off. Someone reminded me I should be lucky I have a job. SO true! Now I feel like a jerk for even saying such a thing. I am lucky and very thankful for the job I have.

Today is my BIL's birthday, here is a picture....Happy Birthday Kenny! I think this was his son taking his picture! Sort of funny!

Tomorrow is the husbands birthday.......More on that tomorrow!


carla said...


that is something to really be proud of----Im hoping to some day run 3 miles allatonce and smile for a few moments whilst doing it.

here's to 2009!

Brandi said...

Awesome on the 14 miles!!!! My foot is feeling much better today. I'm able to put some weight on it. No running this week for me but hopefully I can be back in full effect next week!

The Lewis's said...

Great job on the 14 miles!!!Awesome!