Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dashing through the Lights!

Tonight I am participating in a local 5K in my town. We are running through the Christmas Lights! I am excited. I just hope the weather isn't freezing. I'll be layering up I guess. I'll take some pictures if I can and post those tomorrow.

Last night I did 4 miles. I was going to do 3 and 4 just happend. I shouldn't complain. I have a really busy schedule this week so I'm lucky I got that in. I plan on running tonight and I would like to run one other night, but I have things on Wednesday and Thursday this week.
We shall see.

Food was back on plan yesterday. I found this recipe for Tortilla Soup in the newspaper (Just call me Granny). So, I made it last night, YUM...Hit the spot. I've asked my friends over at PNP to see what they think about it. I think it is healthy . Of course it is cans of stuff, so I know the sodium is somewhat high. I'll keep you posted on the recipe. It is super yummy!
I'll be enjoying that for lunch today.

I am really trying to get some Christmas shopping done in my spare time. I am knocking things off my list. Tomorrow night I am aiming to do all my Christmas Cards. My sister is coming over to help me, so hopefully I can get all 80 of them done. Yes, we send out 80 Christmas Cards!


Jen said...

that is a LOT of Christmas cards!!! But I can't argue!! I usually give out/mail 60 or so...I wrote most of them out last night...that sucked...

It will be so pretty running through the lights!!! I hope you have a great run (and that you feel all Christmassy afterwards!!)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 5k! I did that race last year...and well, I hope they do better with the course this year... You'll see what I mean! Ha! Last year it was sooo cold I thought my hands were gonna freeze and fall off!