Monday, December 29, 2008

Craving the good stuff...

My body is totally craving the good stuff right now. I have eaten junk until literally I can eat junk no more.
I have thrown away all the junk in my house. Tonight I'll hit up WalMart for some good food to last us this week. On New Years we plan on going out and on New Years Day we'll do something also, but other than that, my food will be clean and healthy.

I also need to get back to my regularly scheduled exercise plan. I was a huge slacker last week. I was just so busy with Christmas stuff that I neglected to do anything. Not this week. Tonight I'm running. In fact, for punishment, I'm running at least 6 miles. My body needs it!

My running plan is to do 3,3,6,16. I am shooting for 6 tonight and then I'll so a few short runs before Saturday. That will be our 16 mile run.

I am so ready to get back on track and start eating healthy again. Seriously, my body is past the point of ready.

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Brandi said...

Girl I'm ready to get back on track as well! I didn't run at all last week! I was going to on Saturday but was afraid 14 might be too much for my first day back after my foot injury. I'm going to run today at work and then be back on schedule to run this week with the group on Tuesday, Wednesday and maybe we can get a Thursday night run in as well!