Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Wrap Up...

Christmas was nice! It was a marathon of a day though. From about 8-6 we went non stop. I'm at work today, so I'm trying to recover. Yesterday I think I got a small bug. Something I ate didn't agree with me. I was at home last night sick. I stayed on the couch all night with some stomach thing. I'm better today, but still not 100%. I ate some shrimp and grits that my sister made and honestly, I think it was WAY to rich for this body.

I thought I would basically just share pictures from yesterday! First though, here is a picture of my nephews!

Garrett, Cain, Talon and Lando.

My mom drew my nephew Talon for Christmas. She bought him a puppy. He was so surprised!

Here I am sportin the no makeup look. Heck it was Christmas Morning. My sister Janna had me. She bought me this cute little pig bowl. I loved it. Her husband also made me a cutting board. Very cool.

Me being silly with my new cutting board!

The husband got a subscription to a bird magazine. He loves birds! He was just smitten with his gift. My sister Jenn had him.

This is my brother Joe...He got Razorback stuff...GO HOGS!

This is my sister Janna. She got a purse and a cute bracelet.

This is my SIL Carrie...She got a gift card for her trip to New York and also a cutting board. Same BIL made her one also.

This was my sister Jill and she got some ornaments she wanted.

My BIL Kenny also got Hog Stuff...GO HOGS!

My dad got a gift certificate and some of his favorite low carb chocolate.

My mom got a cubs bag (she is a huge fan) and also a book of homemade cards,bookmarks, tags, etc. that my sister made. It was an AWESOME mom scored big.

This is Jen...she is a big stamper and she got tons of stamps with scriptures on them. She loved it.

My BIL Jeremy received money to buy something he was wanting and also that giant mug. Sort of an inside joke.

My BIL can't see him, but he loves to cook so my dad bought him this giant cooking pot.

The husband and I drew two of Janna's step kids, but they couldn't make it to the Christmas gift opening, so they will get our presents in a few days. We got them gift cards, shirts, candy, etc.

Okay,I think I got everyone but the kids. They got various gift from people...Transformers, DVD's, pajamas, clothes, Razorback tshirts (from me and the husband), bow and arrows, and just fun stuff.

My parents remember bought us a cow for Christmas, so I have 50 lbs of meat in my freezer for use all year. I also received a few small trinklets such as new pajamas. My parents bought me silk pajamas and all my sisters cotton. I asked why and her comment was we still have hope. That was her stab at me not having any kids yet. :) Ha!
The husband received a new atlas and I got some sushi dishes and cookbook. Who knows if I can cook with them, but the dishes I received were adorable!

My inlaws got us giftcards and money.

I think we were all set this Christmas!

Now some pictures of the feast!

My mom and BIL. He was cutting the tenderloins from the cow.

Lastly, the Shrimp and Grits! It was so good but so rich!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful Christmas!


Trish said...

So I guess I gotta work on Cow Recipes? LOL!! It looks like a great time!!

Juice said...

Yum - that shrimp and grits picture makes me hungry!

CINDER said...

Hey this looks great- Do you have the recipe?
Great Blog