Friday, December 12, 2008

13 Days till Christmas

13 Days until Christmas and I have my shopping complete. I have one other thing to buy Saturday morning, but that is ordered I just need to run by and pick them up.
I am excited to have it all done, now I need to get to wrapping those suckers.

I have a busy weekend:
  • Tonight: Christmas Work Party
  • Saturday Morning: 8 mile run
  • Saturday Afternoon: Visiting around and delivering Christmas Gifts to friends
  • Saturday Night: Dinner out with the husband and friends
  • Sunday: Short 3 mile run and catch up time

My cards also need to get finished this weekend and I really should start some gift wrapping. Oh and tons of laundry. I have my suitcase still sitting in my floor from Memphis. I know, shame on me. With the OCD husband I know he is dying. He's been a good sport though! I also have my Christmas cards strewn across the dining room table and all the present in our spare bedroom. Seriously, I need to get organized and clean some stuff up. Another thing on my agenda.

I am looking forward to a weekend at home. I haven't had one in a while. It will be nice to enjoy it at home even though I have tons to accomplish this weekend.

For Christmas this year my parents have bought me and all my siblings a cow. Basically they raised a cow for almost a year, then they had him cut up. Sad I know! Oh well, you can't think about things like that. Anyhow, last night I met my mom to discuss the details on who will get what. It is just me and the husband so I told her we didn't need 100 lbs of meat. I think we probably got about 50 though! I have steaks, roasts, ground meat. We will be set on meat for a good part of the year. My mom saved the tenderloins for Christmas! Yum!

I better get going. I have tons to accomplish today. Next week we deliver all the client Christmas Gifts at work! 250+ people! Fun....


Jen said...

crazy!! that is a pretty good idea for a gift (but it IS sad the whole raising and killing thing, but I choose not to think about it either!!) it's EXTREMELY practical though!! Which make a great Christmas gift!!!

I have to organize all my Christmas stuff as well!!! I have been throwing everything into my closet in my spare USED to be a walk in....

Have a great weekend!!!

photomama said...

I can't believe you are done. I still have a good amount to do.

TinaGirl said...

Ok, I love the whole cow idea. If my freezer wasn't full to the hilt of Elk meat I'd take a cow too.

I have a bit of shopping left to do to and wrapping and addressing of christmas cards, cookie baking and well, everything else.

~Les said...

If you have several children, that's actually a REALLY great idea. Imagine how much money you're going to save over the next several months on groceries! Wow!

I can't think about the whole killing thing either, though. :0(