Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a day!

I can officially check off my 11 mile run for the week. I had a great run tonight. Last week's 10 miler was rough. I mean hard and afterwards I felt crummy. I know it was from proper fueling of my body. This week I've been working with Trish over at PhitNutrition. She's been helping me with working on food and timing. The last two days I've been upping my carbs in prep for tonight's run. Honestly, it worked, because I feel like a million bucks tonight.

One thing I've realized is it's time for new shoes. I am rubbing blisters still on two spots on my toes. I am faithfully using my Vaseline, but I think the issues isn't that, it is just time for a new pair.
I am also going to look into second skin. Someone told me about it last year. I think I'll look at my running store in the next few weeks when I got get a new pair of Brooks. That is my running shoe of choice. Been running in Brooks for over a year now. Haven't had any trouble yet.

I also fueled during my run twice. In fact, I used hammer gels once and then sports beans the next. I tell ya, it was a fantastic run!
I am heading out to South Carolina tomorrow for the hog game. We are taking on Steve Spurrier :(. Hopefully we are still on a high from last weeks game.

I need to go pack up some food for the weekend and get myself packed!


photomama said...

great job, I am seriously considering running in the spring.

Anonymous said...

Have fun this weekend. Good work on the jog!!

Juice said...

Congrats on a great run! I'm a fan of Brooks too. Just got a new pair of Dyads and I love them! Of course I am a baby jogger compared to you, but we all have to start somewhere. :)

SuperDave said...

11 miler! Great! I haven't thought too much about my nutrition and running. Maybe I need to talk to one of the dieticians at work.