Saturday, November 29, 2008

Productive Saturday!

I have both of my trees up! WOOT! They look good. I feel like I just threw them up though. I do a Razorback Tree and then also a traditional tree. I love the color orange, so every year my big tree favors that color. I love it!
Here is the hog tree:

Speaking of hogs...we played great and beat LSU......
It rained though! Here are a few pictures from the game yesterday! It was also COLD. I have so many layers on it isn't funny.

Here I am in my rain suit. We bought those 4 years ago and they finally came in handy!

And of course, after the victory! Here we are!

Thanksgiving was great....I got up that morning and ran with the running group. We did 4 miles. I wore my new running pants I posted. They worked great. It was about 40 degrees and I was fine. In fact, I was so hot when I finished. I did wear a hat and a long sleeve pull over top, but still, I was hot when finished. It was a great run! We went to the inlaws and had a nice time.

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