Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Challenge at PNP

For those of you new to my blog. I belong to an online workout community-Phit and Phat.
I have been a member for over a year. Each month we do small challenges. I normally participate in those each time. Such as No Halloween Candy last month etc.

Well this month we are doing a Thanksgiving Challenge. Here are the rules:

To earn that T-Day of free eating you must do the following:
1. Give up ONE MB this month. Doesn't matter which weekend. You will pick it but you will pick this week when you sign up for the challenge. If you need to change because of scheduling that's fine. BUT, IF YOU CHANGE IT BECAUSE YOU HAD A WEAK MOMENT YOU LOSE ONE MEAL ON T-DAY.

2. No BLT's until T-Day. That's right. NONE!!!! If you have a BLT you will count five. That means for every BLT this month you take on T-day morning you will wake up early enough to do all the accumulated minutes in EXERCISE! I will let ya'll vote on the most brutal full body workout circuit we have and that is the routine you will do until your TIME IS SERVED!

3. Weekends have to be planned and stuck to between now and then. Each weekend you don't follow plan is a meal you lose on T-Day. We have three to deal with: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. If you are like me you either go to several meals that day or you do special thing for each meal part. Who wants to miss out on that big breakfast T-day morning? NOT ME! So, starting this week you have three chances at your three meals.

4. Candy is covered in BLT's. :)

Here is a break down:

  • Total free day of eating on T-day for sticking to plan and giving up one MB between now and then.
  • LOSE ONE MEAL FOR: unplanned MB, going off YOUR plan on the weekend
  • PENALTY BODY CIRCUIT: 5 mins. tallied per indiscretion between now and T-day to be served EARLY on T-day morning.

So, basically, I want the all I want Thanksgiving Day experience.....


Brandi said...

Whew that seems like a lot to follow! I don't know if I could do it but I'm going to definitely bookmark that site! Very interesting stuff there!

Oh I'm stealing your idea on how you have your half marathons listed on your blog. I think I'm going to list all my races as well including my 5K's and times. :)

Lucas said...

Can you explain all the acronyms for those of us who don't do PNP???